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[Announcement] - Five Free Crew Slots!

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Avenger, 2 Days Ago
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    Hello Everyone!

    been a little while since I’ve posted but this is a worthwhile one!

    my biggest bug with timelines is having 700 crew + to choose from and having a measly 215 slots to choose from, well as of yesterday this has been increased for all new and existing timelines players by 5 slots to 220! (I may have purchased some in the interim time I’ve owned the game but overall everyone will be increased by 5 regardless of what purchases you have or have not made)

    so if you are struggling make the most of it, log back in and enjoy levelling up some more characters!

    whilst I’m at it I would love if anyone who does play the game frequently to log into the database and donate the full 700 components to any of the replicator slots I have running at the moment, you’ll need them believe me once they’re upgraded!

    Thanks and god speed!

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