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Bedders, 1 Week Ago
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    Greetings members!

    There has been a recent interest in Warframe, both by new and existing players. Holodeck would normally form a UFP clan to allow us all to experience more of the game together. However with Warframe clans require a lot of active players in order to make it worthwhile. Interest in games from the UFP typically only lasts several months until we swing round to the next game.

    As such, Seapanda has kindly negotiated an agreement with his existing clan, The Brothers of Mortem, to allow UFP members to join.

    Their clan leader SniperKitten has sent this introduction to their clan for anyone who is interested.
    The Brothers of Mortem is a very old clan.
    The clan was made close to launch of the game while Excalibur Prime was still a thing you could buy to support the game.
    Our Alliance was one of the most powerful ones during Dark Sector conflicts and we ruled the solar system together with our allied Alliances.
    As Dark Sectors are not a thing anymore, our clan has transitioned from being a PvP clan to being more of a helpful clan for players who wanna progress in the game and do End Game stuff.

    We're usually achieving great results in most clan events because of our highly skilled players who usually carry our lower mastery players through these missions and we bring the total score of the clan up to a very high average because of everyone's individual scores being high.
    This is how we got the Ignis Wraith Research in our Dojo, as one of the top 10% performing clans in Warframe during that event. We expect to get similar results in the upcoming event. Smile

    Our Clan has a recruitment policy of MR12+ and age limit of 15+. This policy is currently under evaluation, because we have some requests to start recruiting at even lower MR. Everyone who's already in our clan are welcome to invite their friends disregarding the MR-policy.

    As for me, I'm the "Warlord Prime" of our clan and I hold the ownership and highest administrative position in the clan. I have 2x Warlords who are helping me administrate the clan as well as several officers who are keeping an eye of things, multiple engineers working on improving our dojo, a secretary keeping an eye on game development and events and a bunch of recruiters.
    Whilst we do not have the same requirements to join the clan as public players do, it is by invitation of Seapanda that we are allowed to. Please remember to be respectful when involved with other communities.

    We are asked to maintain an activity level of at least once every 3 weeks and to contribute to clan events when they are run. This is because there is a limited number of players that can be in a clan, similar to STO, and you will be removed if you're inactive.

    Feel free to contact Seapanda for an invite or if you have any questions.

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