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Haseo Yashimora(Bio)

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Haseo, 4 Weeks Ago
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    Name: Haseo Yashimora

    Alias: The Tactician

    Height: 5'11

    Age: 36

    Affiliation: UFP(United Federation of Planets)

    Species: Human, Alien

    Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan

    Race: Magnoryion/Japanese

    Gender: Male


    Weapons expert: Since his early years in the Federation he has show to handle multiple types of weapons, from daggers, to phasers.
    Strategist:Haseo knows how the tactically read his opponent before his opponent strikes upon that he can counteract his moves before he makes them.
    Immortality: do to the nature of his species, Haseo can live up to 1000 years without growing old, but if exposed to some forms of radiation it can raptly age him to die.

    April 2nd 2373 Haseo was born on Earth by a Japanese mother known as Yashimora Koko, who died at child birth. Haseo Yashimora was raised by his strict grandfather that time on till he was old enough to move out of the house. durning his childhood Haseo never saw or met his father do to being the Captain of a Akira class starship during the Dominion war, later dieing in battle aboard his ship during the First Battle of Chin'toka( by the present day(2409) Haseo is now a full fledged starfleet officer and captains his own ship the USS Kepler E, a new type of heavy battlecrusier. After the battle of Earth vs the Iconians Haseo was reassigned to the 19th fleet to fight against the Terran Empire incursions.
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    "Where's my damn red thing"- Christopher Pike