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Section 31 Intel Science Destroyer build advice welcome.

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Paran, Tue 28 May, 2019 12:24 AM
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     –  Last edited by Paran; Tue 28 May, 2019 6:19 AM.
    Its that time again Big Grin

    Below is my current build for the Section 31 science destroyer. Im currently using the polaron weapons from my Vanguard carrier as thats what i had on hand. It works well but what im looking for is a phaser based build. So do any of you veterans out there who love your phasers know how i could convert this into a phaser build? I dont have the DPRM or the DOMINO. I prefer cannons but im willing to consider beams as well. I dont mind a raindbow build visually as long as the damage types align. Weapon set bonuses or rep bonuses mean more to me than aesthetics. Also if you have any general advice then thats welcome too. Though "switch to a sci torp build" isnt helpful, those are too easy to do and done to death so im trying to make an energy weapon/sci build work instead for fun and giggles. More details on my thinking below.

    I made another none standard build. This time instead of going Sci/Torp i went Sci/Cannons while leaning on the synergies from the new Boronite Console (energy weapons create AOE damage rifts) and the personal trait that decreases recharge on universal consoles (including the Boronite console) when using control powers. Unconventional systems. Intel powers on rotation are there both to manage aggro and boost power levels but also to trigger the Ship trait that came with the ship, Exitus Acta Probat. Jam Sensors has the same purpose while adding some debuffs to resists, drain/increase power levels and trigger unconventional systems some more. Charge particle bursts exists to spread secondary deflector DoT at close range while destabilising resonance beam does that at long range. Vortex and Gravity Well are self explanatory. Gravity well is replaced by cannon rapid fire III in tactical mode. Emergency power to weapons worked better for me than emergency power to aux for that slot and aux power to SIF plus science team are in the rotation to provide some tank. For tactical slots tactical team spam helps proc All hands on deck often, distributes shield and gives some bonus damage. Cannon Scatter volley and torpedo spread is available during Science mode and Rapid fire III is added when in tactical mode. All of those also helps trigger All hands on deck for faster science recharge. Im using 3 Jemmie Bofs for their space trait, The Science potato for space traits and a science Krenim.

    Performance wise i have parsed from 95K DPS at my best run all the way down to depressing numbers. Most seem to hover above 80k DPS. It seems to come down to my piloting as im not used to flying small, fast and agile ships like this as it takes some skill to not only position well for cannon fire but also to use the ships speed and agility to spread the secondary deflector DoT. Its also a case of when to swap to Tactical mode to get the extra oomph from the experimental weapon (best done when The gravity well/vortex is down and DOTs are applied. Though stuff tend to die so fast that its only time for doing that on the heavier targets) With good piloting im sure it will break 100K DPS. Aggro isnt much of an issue due to the chaining of Intel team and the constant triggering of Exitus Acta Probat.

    The missing Doff below is a diplomat that grants a chance to drain energy on incoming attacks when runnign team abilities. Diplomats werent selectable in the skill planner. Its basically a filler doff for me.

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