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Preliminary Discovery Era Constitution Build

Started By:
Chaser617, Tue 25 Jun, 2019 2:15 PM
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    Its not finished, I need the consoles from the T5 and T6 Battlecruisers but here is my current build:

    Named in honor of HMS Dreadnought, several ships to bare the name, primarily the first All Big Gun battleship (1906) and Britain's first Nuclear Submarine (1960)
    Registry Number is in Honor of the 60-gun 4th Rate launched in 1742

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    Captain Specializations: Command Primary, Pilot Secondary

    Forward Weapons: Very Rare Advanced Phaser Beam Array [Dmgx3] x 4, Very Rare Gravimetric Photon Torpedo Launcher MK XV [CrtHx3]

    Aft Weapons: Very Rare Advanced Phaser Beam Array [Dmgx3] x 3

    Deflector: Elite Fleet Intervention Protomatter Deflector Array Mk XV [ColCrit] [EPS] [HullCap] [ShCap]

    Impulse Engine: Prevailing Innovative Impulse Engine MK XV

    Warp Core: Elite Fleet Plasma-Integratted Warp Core MK XV [AMP] [ECap] [Eff] [SSS] [W-A]

    Shield: Prevailing Innovative Shield MK XV

    Devices: Temporal Negotiator, Red Matter Capacitor, Subspace Field Modulator, Reactive Armor Catalyst

    Universal Console Slot: Reinforcing Squadrons

    Engineering Console Slots: DOMINO, Priors World Elite Defense Satellite, Plasmonic Leach, Enhanced RCS Regulator MK XII [ResAll] Last slot is open waiting for Ablative Hazard Shielding from the T6 Battlecruiser

    Science Console Slots: Zero Point Energy Conduit MK XV, Proton Particle Stabilizer MK XII. Assimilated Module MK XV

    Tactical Consoles: 2xVulnerability Locator MK XV [Phaser] (one Ultra Rare, One Epic), Third Slot currently vacant for the Variable Auto Targeting Armament Console from the T5 Battlecruiser

    Hangers: Elite Tactical Fliersx2

    Duty Officers: Conn Officer Tac Team Recharge, 3x Technicians, Flight Deck Officer Hanger Recharge

    Space Traits: Beam Training, Projectile Training, Beam Barrage, Projectile Precision Accurate, Elusive, Grace Under Fire, Operative, Shield Technician, Warp Theorist

    Starship Traits: History Will Remember, Explosive Polarity Shift, Entwined Tactical Matrices, Subsystem Redundancies

    Space Reputation: Precision, Advanced Targeting, Controlled Countermeasures, Magnified Firepower

    Active Reputation: Quantum Singularity Manipulation, Bio-Molecular Shield Generator, Anti-Time Entanglement

    Bridge Officers

    Tactical LTC: Tactical Team, Beam Fire at Will II, Attack Pattern Beta II

    Tactical LT: Kemocite-Laced Weaponry, Torpedo Spread II

    Engineering/Miracle Worker CMDR: Emergency Power to Weapons I, Engineering Team II, Narrow Sensor Bands III, Reverse Shield Polarity III

    Engineering LTC: Emergency Power to Shields I, Aux to Bat I, Aux to Bat II

    Science Ens: Hazard Emitters I

    End Notes:

    As I have said this is a preliminary build that I just put together after acquiring her. Please not I also do not have access to either the console from the NX-refit or the Prototype Dreadnought Cruiser. Also my selection of starship traits are generally limited to the Federation cruisers which is what I mostly purchase when I have the free zen. Current plans are to complete the console layout by acquiring the T6 Battlecruiser once I have the 3k tokens. Also I am planning on replacing the RCS Regulator however I haven't decided with what yet.