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[Announcement] - Warframe - UFPlanets Clan

Started By:
Seapanda, Fri 05 Jul, 2019 8:31 PM
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    Hi everyone!

    As you can see in the title of the thread, we have decided to start up our very own, UFPlanets clan!

    For the time being, the clan has the Ghost Status, which means that there are certain limitations, which I'll explain a bit more in detail below.

    Ghost clan

    A ghost clan is the smallest tier of clans in the game, and it has a limit of 10 members (active or otherwise). In order to increase this limit, a ghost tier clan needs either to build a barracks or needs to increase it's rank to a Shadow tier.

    Now, the main difference between clans, apart from the member cap, is the amount of resources required for... well, everything really. A clan can research various technologies, and construct rooms, random items like turtles and decorations. For a Ghost Tier clan, the cost multiplier for this is x1, which means we need to pay the basic cost. Any higher tiers will require higher amounts of resources, as it can fit more players. You can read more into this here.

    Joining the clan

    Right, now that the this is out of the way, the recruitment for the clan is officially open! Please do note that, since there is a limit on how many members we can have, please do send me over a PM here on the forums, and I'll make sure to invite you in game. We will also use this to keep track of how many people want to join, in case we need to expand the clan to a higher tier at an earlier stage. When sending a PM, please make sure to include your in game name in Warframe, so we can find the correct account.

    Other than that, if anyone has any other questions, do post them below, or shoot a PM my way, and I'll do my best to answer them as soon as possible.

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    Commander Seapanda
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    A good decision and a bold move. I wish you success on this, Seapanda.
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