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[Announcement] - STO Staff - Positions Restructured

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Mack, 2 Weeks Ago
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    Greetings UFP Community!

    This announcement is to keep you guys in the loop regarding changes with positions within STO Staff, and what happens to the in-game rank as a result of the restructure.

    For awhile, the "Away Team Leader" has had no occupancy. To add to this, people from the STO Staff can host events as it is, you may have noticed Solace and Bridger here being on top of things - who have their own respective administrative ranks within the division.

    As a result, we had already begun retiring this rank way back till FEO officially revamped the whole event process within the wider community with MEGA. The only hurdle we had was replacing the in-game freed slot as a result of removing ATL/Honor Guard ranks. Internally within the STO Staff team and STO Command many ideas were exchanged to and fro, till we had begun noticing the consistent participation and success of our Special Forces events, courtesy of Bridger and Solace assisting him on this front.

    It became obvious what we wanted to do with this rank once we had seen many members step up during our events. So officially, we are hereby retiring the Away Team Leader / Honor Guard CL4 ranks within the STO Staff team. In the in-game fleet, these ranks are now replaced by Special Forces Veteran / Order of Kahless ranks which are CL3 positions.

    obspacer? t=1444743177

    Special Force Veterans / Order of Kahless:
    - Members of the UFPlanets Community who have demonstrated their abilities in STO mechanics during events
    - These members were offered this position by STO Command / Head of STO, to assist in the smooth operations and running of Special Forces events for Star Trek Online.
    - These members can be found leading teams during STO Events as Team Leaders of various groups.
    - Their main mandate is to ensure that the UFPlanets Community have fun in organized Special Forces events
    - This is a CL3 Position

    Criteria based on which we offer this position:
    - Special Force Veterans cannot be applied for, but only offered to by the Head of STO and STO Command
    - Attendance & consistency in Special Force Events
    - Demonstrated genuine passion for STO, hosting group events and interacting with wider community
    - Knowledge as demonstrated in areas of builds and leadership during queues
    - Friendliness towards community members attending the STO events

    With this said, we will possibly have a CL4 position in our forum ranks for the "Special Forces Commander" - who will be tasked to keep events interesting and varying with new ideas for Special Forces. This is something being looked into.

    On behalf of STO Command,
    Vice Admiral MACK
    Starfleet Operations - Everyone is the artisan of their own future

    Mack Medals