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FAB Community Survey Results - June 2019

Started By:
Jonathan, Sat 13 Jul, 2019 8:04 PM
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    Hello everyone,

    The feedback from the recent community survey for FAB is listed below.

    As always, I thank everyone for their comments. If anyone has any further comments then please feel free to contact myself or Saelanna.

    FAB 240

    FAB spacer small

    Approval Rating: 98%

    Rating Spread:

    Strongly Approve - 26%
    Approve- 20%
    Neutral- 54%

    Jonathan is a gay, hope he ain't ever go away!
    Jonathan: I have no plans to for the foreseeable future

    Seems to have been a rough couple days for the FAB. Jonathan, thank you.
    Jonathan: I believe this is in reference to our recent dismissals. It is a group effort between FEO and FAB to ensure that the forums are kept moderated and we do our best to be as transparent as possible if we have to take any strong measures. I'm glad that this meets with your approval.

    Saelanna: Jonathan and the rest of the FEO have done a sterling job dealing with some [thankfully rare] difficult situations recently.

    Can't remember ever seeing too much drama on the forums, speaks to how well the admins do their jobs for that to be the case on a consistent basis
    Jonathan: I agree that our moderators do an excellent job. The less you see of us, the better a job we are doing Wink

    Saelanna: A lot of the credit has to go to the entire community as there is relatively little drama for such a large group of people. What drama there is is dealt with quickly [and quietly] by the moderator team.

    They FAB are doing a FABulous job of FABing Big Grin
    Jonathan: giphy

    Saelanna: F - A - B!

    They handle things in a timely and efficient manner. Very good job here.
    Jonathan: I'm sure the team will be delighted to hear your praise!

    Saelanna: Thank you, we aim to please.

    honestly, I've d have not any bad or good dealings at all with the way the Administrative Bureau is run.
    I dont know enough of what they do to respond.
    Still not quite sure what they do. So IDK.
    Jonathan: As the name would suggest, we handle all the admin functions of the community, including moderation and graphics. I also take care of the community's financial affairs.

    Saelanna: The less you see of us, the better. With the exception of the Community Graphics Team, our work is behind the scenes but we’re there keeping things in order.

    Almost no spam bots any more versus what there used to be. Signatures are completed quickly and professionally. I don't know about the armada side but it seems to be in capable hands! - Smile
    Jonathan: The praise for the spam bots should go to Lazereth and Jordan for beefing up our defences against spam. Glad to hear you are getting your signatures quickly and to the high standard we expect.

    Saelanna: Our website security is down to Jordan and Lazereth’s robust anti-bot measures; we are subjected to numerous “attacks” by bots everyday and 99.9% of them are caught in the net.
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