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Events Community Feedback - June 2019

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Sammygm, Mon 22 Jul, 2019 12:51 PM
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    Getting better, still much room for improvement, hope to see some CL3s make use of the changes too.
    Bedders: Thanks! Have you got any ideas what we could do to help us improve events? And agreed - it would be great to see more CL3 members creating events now that they can.

    Infinity: We welcome any suggestions for events, we strive to make every event a great time for every member.

    Seapanda: Like the other lads said as well, any suggestions on how to improve things with the events, feel free to either send it over to Bedders, Noram or even just post it in the Holodeck section.

    Wide variety, which is good. Not too frequent where the event officers get burnt out. Likely a wide variety of opinions on this topic.
    Bedders: We do offer a good variety, with different games popping up every few weeks to see what interest there is. I do encourage anyone who feels they're getting "burnt out" to drop me a PM, but I hope it doesn't happen since we're all volunteers and do this of our own volition to have fun Smile

    Seapanda: A couple of us are looking into adding more games to the mix, like the recent addition of Age of Empires 2 HD (which was super fun!).

    I have had a lot of fun in the events i have been on in STO so far. There could always be more of them but im happy for the ones we have. Even the unscheduled impromptu ones.
    Mack: Yea, props to Bridger for this. I think dedicated days for Special Forces Saturday and Tuesday are doing rather well. Alot of impromptu groups are happening daily, so just shout out on the UFPlanets chat for them whenever you're interested for them.

    Bedders: Glad to hear you're enjoying them!

    Infinity: Hopefully we'll see you involved in more events in the future.

    Seapanda: STO is a bit of a tricky topic for hosting events, but its nice to see people organise things on the spot in game.

    Wish there was more but it is what it is.
    Bedders: The calendar can look bare for some weeks but full for others, depending on peoples' availability. You're more than welcome to host events in your timezone if you want to see it looking fuller Smile

    Infinity: The events page has moments where there aren't many events but it always manages to pick up in the end.

    Seapanda: Feel free to provide more ideas of what you'd like to see hosted, or even become a CL3 and host them yourself Smile

    If there were some STO events for the PS4 thatd be nice but I know that's being dealt with.
    Mack: UFPlanets doesn't support console officially as highlighted in this notice anymore. Due to the amount of effort it goes into building fleets up and the resources it takes, I can only realistically tell you that this may not happen, unless the number of members on console are really formidable. But as always, it is great to see that people want our presence on as many platforms - that within itself is a compliment, so thank you!

    Bedders: Thanks for your feedback. It would be nice to see consoles get more support within the UFP but that relies on someone stepping up and creating events for it - feel free to do so if you're interested Smile

    Infinity: We do sometimes have console events but admittedly they aren't common. I echo what Bedders said above, if it is something you would like to do, feel free.

    I've only been to a few events but every time I have felt very welcomed by all there and I have a good time!
    Bedders: Glad to hear you're enjoying them! We've got a lot of great events being run by even greater event hosts, and it's nice to get feedback that it's worth it!

    Seapanda: Everyone is always welcome to any event. Whether you're new to the game or have 1k+ hours in it, we will always strive to ensure that everyone is welcome and included!

    Brilliant! So glad events are coming back!!!
    Bedders: Yep we've got a good full calendar at the moment, with regular events being hosted 5 or 6 nights a week!

    Infinity: The calendar is growing again which is always nice to see, activity was low for a moment there!

    Seapanda: Aw yis!

    I think it would be awesome if there were a set time for nightly events. IE: Su-Sa at 10pm premade groups for TFO's for a set period of time. This way it'll give the armada time and persuasion to hangout in TS and interact with fellow fleet mates.
    Mack: You think it's a good idea and now you have the power to do something about it! Feel free to organize one and let us know! I personally always encourage TS3 usage, even if its just to login and listen and not necessarily speak. It makes organizing runs and groups much more fluid, and it's also good to have a laugh together.

    Bedders: You can create a weekly event if you volunteer that will create itself automatically at the same time every week. In my experience it can take a while for people to regularly attend, but go for it - be the change you want to see! Smile

    Seapanda: If you're already aware of a group of people that are doing something like this (or even if you want to start it), you can always get a weekly event going at that late hour. This would even allow some other regions to join!

    LOOK AT THE FULL CALENDAR ISN'T IT GREAT (but would be nice with more CL3's hosting events now that they can!) - Smile
    Bedders: The full calendar is fantastic and it's great to see many members attending the events. I agree also that it would be nice if more CL3 members create events now that they can.

    Infinity: Hopefully the events page will keep on growing, variety is always good! Wink

    Seapanda: I know, right!? I'm struggling to snipe a spot for a new event now!
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