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ARP September 2019 Feedback

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Asteropax, 3 Weeks Ago
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    SEPTEMBER 2019 APPROVAL: 100%(+1%)
    JUNE 2018 APPROVAL: 99%


    Strongly Approve: 18%
    Approve: 16%
    Neutral: 66%
    Disapprove: 0%
    Strongly Disapprove: 0%

    One does not partake, but it's still looking active.
    Asteropax: Feel free to shoot us a message when you’re ready to join us!

    WelshAvenger: If you ever change your mind about partaking, drop me a PM

    Lovely chaps.
    Asteropax: Yes, our Chaps are fantastic!

    WelshAvenger: And our Chapesses are lovely too!

    Asteropax: Phew! Sounds like we’re doing everything right!

    WelshAvenger: Thanks you so much, it's very encouraging to hear positive comments, means that we're doing it right!

    Always a good read, keep them coming.
    Asteropax: We will! Behind the scenes brainstorming is starting up to begin the next chapter soon.

    WelshAvenger: Will do, credit where it's due to our wonderful writers

    Very fun to work with. Sad I have not been as active.
    Asteropax: I hope you can get back to being active again soon.

    WelshAvenger: Fun is one of the key aspects of Ares, we miss you too

    Good story that is in motion.
    Asteropax: Thanks, we have been extremely busy with keeping it going and developing new story ideas.

    WelshAvenger: Thank you, and this is just the beginning of our voyage!

    Have not participated.
    Asteropax: Join us.

    WelshAvenger: If you ever change your mind, let me know

    Asteropax: What are you showing us with this link? It is providing an error saying page not found. Can whoever sent this message us to let us know what it is please.

    WelshAvenger: Hmm, maybe I'm missing something here but the link doesn't work for me.

    No comment
    Asteropax: Still a comment.

    WelshAvenger: We welcome feedback, especially if it's constructive so if you ever change your mind and have a comment, please feel free to PM me.

    I do not participate in the roleplay, so I lack enough experience to form an opinion.
    Asteropax: Well then join in!

    WelshAvenger: If you're enjoying the story, the characters and their ongoing adventures, please let us know. We welcome comments about who your favourite character is or if there's a particularly well written piece that you appreciate or even if something made you laugh. Feel free to let us know.
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