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[Announcement] - STO SEP '19 Community Survey

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Mack, 2 Weeks Ago
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    Greetings UFPlanets Community!

    Hope everyone had an amazing summer, because I know I did!

    I'd like to congratulate all our winners from the Anomaly August Giveaway and thank everyone for their participation! Moving forward we would like to do more giveaways but perhaps something which allows us to be more interactive, my inbox are always open for unique and new suggestions!

    Coming out from the summer, we see a new season on Star Trek, Star Trek Awakening and FNS has done a great job of covering it. Unless you've been away or living under a rock, you must have already experienced this update! If not, Federation News Service has done a great job covering all about it and you can read it HERE

    To boost our presence on Saturday Special Forces run, Solace has taken this volunteering role to help Special Forces run smoothly. He will be working closely with STO Command on this. So I'd like to request everyone to mark Saturday officially for our joint event runs and watch out for Solace's event pages on the same!

    Lastly, I'd like to announce that STO Staff will be once again audited soon after this post. It's something that we traditionally end up doing immediately after every UFPAC, to ensure our staff is motivated and available to help in the community. At times, this also means staff step down, which opens up opportunity for new faces to join our staff team!

    So if you're interested in joining the STO Staff team, read up on its responsibilities HERE before you PM me or anyone from the STO Command expressing your interest!

    On behalf of STO Command,



    HoK and SFO surveys were merged! So there's only one of these moving forward, and will be posted in the main forum, as opposed to individual SFO & HoK sub-forums!

    SEP APPROVAL: 100% (0%)

    Strongly Approve: 28%
    Approve: 23%
    Neutral: 49%
    Disapprove: 00%
    Strongly Disapprove: 0%

    SEP EVENT APPROVAL: 100% (2%)

    Strongly Approve: 23%
    Approve: 20%
    Neutral: 57%
    Disapprove: 0%
    Strongly Disapprove: 0%


    Whoever came up with Anomaly August did a good job, and they should be proud of this, it was a great idea. More STO related stuff going on in the community would be great!
    Mack: I'm personally glad to hear this. In all honestly, I wasn't sure what sort of response it would get. The goal is to have more events on the long haul, but something with a tad more interaction, rather than just a fictional story line!

    Bridger: We will for sure do our best to get more things like this going, December UFPAC will have some nice prizes so stay tuned.

    Novalance: Yes it was a good competition and I hope we do see more of these.

    They are the best!
    Mack: Thanks very much, you're breath taking too!

    Bridger: We have a great Team, and we all work together to give you the best experience possible.

    Novalance: Might I hazard a guess and say that this feedback is not biased in any way? although it is still true!

    Fully stocked fleet and constantly active.
    Mack: It's been a long road, getting from there to here.

    Bridger: Indeed it was a long road but a very worthwhile one.

    Novalance: Our time is finally near. (KDF colony is on its way!)

    Could they be better? Of course.... because EVERYONE can ALWAYS be better. Are they good? Very good!
    Mack: Pretty much the guiding philosophy up here in STO Command! If it can be improved, we do have a look at it, else keep current operations at peak performance! The staff team deserve full credit here in all honesty!

    Bridger: Perfection is the goal and Resistance is Futile.

    Novalance: Better is better after all KlingonD7

    Very happy with the speed and helpfulness of moving my characters into the fleet.
    Mack: I'm very happy because you're very happy!

    Bridger: We do our best, but with such a great and dedicated team we can do everything.

    Novalance: The Support staff are very astute and will get invite requests sorted promptly, I am quite proud of them.

    The division is run great, Mack and Bridger are doing a great job on that front.
    Mack: Bridger, Nova, STO Staff and myself do our best! This is great to know, thank you for the feedback and I hope you continue having a great time here!

    Bridger: I am glad to hear that, we do what we can.

    Novalance: And me! and me! don't forget poor little me!! also NEVER forget all the CL4's who help keep the Division together
    Starfleet Operations - Everyone is the artisan of their own future

    Mack Medals