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Events Community Feedback - September 2019

Started By:
Sammygm, Fri 11 Oct, 2019 11:49 AM
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    I would really like to see members make use of the event system, since anyone can use it now to find their own groups. Events are otherwise few and far between, but when they happen, they are good.
    Sammygm: I'm glad you enjoy the events that are currently being hosted! I too would like to see members make use of the event system, especially since it has been opened up to any CL3 member.

    Frequency and quality are good, although not enough different people are doing it, which is rather disappointing.
    Sammygm: I was hoping for more varied event hosts since the Events system has been opened up to CL3s,
    Never partook.
    Sammygm: We hope you will soon!
    Wish they were a little more frequent
    Sammygm: If you have an idea for an event, you can always ask a division staff member or host an event through our event system here.

    I have not been able to attend and have stopped looking because of that. Sorry Sad
    Sammygm: You're always welcome to our events!
    I've participated once in a Warframe meetup during the Dog Days event in the game. The guys were very cool to play with. I hope to hang out with them for another Warframe session again soon.
    Sammygm: Glad you had fun in one of Holodecks many events!

    Naturally there could be more events, the only downside is when you get low attendance due to various reasons, it can really put you off trying to host again. Perhaps there could be something done to encourage event engagement.
    Sammygm: That is unfortunately one of the hurdles about being event host. There will definitely be times where you will barely have any attendance. A tried and tested way to get a decent amount of attendance is to start posting about your event on the forum chat box, the UFP chat in game, or talking about it on discord or teamspeak. If there aren't any stickies yet, you can ask a CL6 to sticky your advert in the chatbox.
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