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[Guide] - T6 Fleet Arbiter Battlecruiser

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Miles, Sat 19 Oct, 2019 7:44 AM
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    U.S.S. Harvest Moon - NCC 97501-A

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    The Tier 6 Fleet Battlecruiser is based upon the Avenger Class Battlecruiser's deisgn. This upgraded starship was designed from the ground up to be durable enough to combat the Iconian threat while still being able to deliver punishing amounts of damage.

    Despite adhering to Starfleet's traditional cruiser design pattern of a large saucer connected to an engineering hull, with two outboard warp nacelles, the combat focus of the Avenger Class is expressed in nearly every aspect. It is compact, roughly the same size as a destroyer-class ship and its hull features a thick, reinforced appearance. Visible weapon hardpoints appear around the edges of the saucer, revealing the Avenger's impressive forward armament, and the bridge is protected by two armored braces that merge with the neck.

    This is an A2B DPS build with a touch of survivalbility. It utilizes Emergency Power to Shields and Reverse Shield Polarity III. Bridge Officers are 2 x Tactical, 2 x Engineers (one in the universal slot) and 1 x Science.


    Fore Weapons Terran Task Force Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XV [Dmg]x3 [Proc] [CrtD]/Dm]
    Phaser Quad Cannons Mk XV [Dmg]x4 [CrtD/Dm]
    Prolonged Engagement Phaser Dual Cannons Mk XV [CrtD/Dm]
    Sensor-Linked Phaser Dual Cannons Mk XV [Dmg]x4 [CrtD]/Dm]
    Sensor-Linked Phaser Dual Cannons Mk XV [Dmg]x4 [CrtD/Dm]
    Deflector Elite Fleet Intervention Protomatter Deflector Array Mk XV [ColCrit] [EPS] [HullCap] [ShCap]
    Impulse Prevailing Innervated Impulse Engiens Mk XV [Spd] [SecSpd-2]
    Warp Core Elite Fleet Plasma-Integrated Warp Core Mk XV [AMP] [ECap] [Eff] [SSS] [W->A] [W->S]
    Shield Prevailing Innervated Resilient Shield Array Mk XV [Cap]x3 [Proc] [Cp/Rg]
    Aft Weapons Trilithium-Enhanced Phaser Turret Mk XV [CrtH]x3 [Dmg] [Ac/Dm]
    Bio-Molecular Phaser Turret Mk XV [Dmg]x3 [Proc] [CrtD/Dm] [CrtD/Dm]
    Advanced Inhibiting Phaser Turret Mk XV [Dmg]x4 [CrtD]/Dm]
    Devices Temporal Negotiator
    Reactive Armor Catalyst
    Energy Amplifier
    Engineering Consoles Console - Universal - Dynamic Power Redistributor Module
    Console - Universal - Secondary Shield Projector
    Console - Engineering - Reinforced Armaments Mk XV
    Console - Universal - Ordnance Accelerator Mk XV
    Console - Universal - Hydrodynamics Compensator Mk XV
    Science Consoles Epic Console - Universal - Bioneural Infusion Circuits Mk XV
    Console - Universal - D.O.M.I.N.O.
    Tactical Consoles Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV [+Pha]
    Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV [+Pha]
    Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV [+Pha]
    Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV [+Pha]

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