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Fly on your very own Deathwing!

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Arlu3n, 2 Weeks Ago
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    It's WoW's 15th anniversary time for 2months! We are getting some content delivered by the wonderful Chromie, where we can queue for TBC, Wrath and Cata where we get snippets of 3 boss fights each. Completing all three of them gives you your very own Deathwing

    You can also play a Classic inspired version of Alterac Valley where you can get a mount aswell, one for Alliance and Horde each (completing it once gives both mounts afaik)

    Also more stuff like Little Nefarian pet on first login in your mailbox. Also on every character you get a 15% Rep and XP Boost for the whole duration of the 15th anniversary.

    Check out the 15th anniversary guide on Wowhead
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