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[Discussion] - My T6 Intel Assault Cruiser build

Started By:
Sunfire, 5 Days Ago
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     –  Last edited by Sunfire; 5 Days Ago.
    This has been a long time coming, especially since I ran up and down bugging various people about different parts of the build to put together to a full picture. I consider it finally to be decent enough to post here and gather some more feedback before finding a nice template and finalizing it as a finished build

    Since I can't do great templates like Bridger, this will be very text heavy and not very nicely formatted. I will hopefully be able to correct this for the finished build then.

    Anyway, here we go:

    U.S.S. Hyperion - NCC-93578

    Prolonged Engagement Phaser Beam Array Mk XV
    3x Phaser Beam Array Mk XV (these are crafted [Pen] Arrays) (I'm considering experimenting with crafted DBBs instead, but for now I keep using arrays)
    Kinetic Cutting Beam Mk XV
    Trillium-enhanced Omni-directional Phaser Beam Array Mk XV
    Omni-directional Phaser Beam Array Mk XV
    Phaser Beam Array Mk XV [Pen] (I should be able to grab another Omni from Tier 6 rep somewhere to replace the sole array here)

    Deflector: Elite Fleet Intervention Protomatter Deflection Array Mk XV
    Impulse: Prevailing Fortifying Impulse Engine Mk XV
    War Core: Elite Fleet Plasma-Integrated Warp Core Mk XV
    Shield: Prevailing Innervated Resilient Shield Array Mk XV

    Reinforced Armaments
    Hull Image Refractors
    Conductive RCS Accelerator (I'd like to replace this but unfortunately the Sovereign is a bit sluggish on the turn without it when the engines are not procced)
    Assimilated Module (solely to get the proc with the KCB to compensate for BOs energy drain)
    Reiterative Structural Capacitor

    Bio-neural Infusion Circuits
    Quantum Phase Converter

    4x Vulnerability Locator [Pha]

    Bridge Officers:
    Lt. Cmdr. Tac: TT 1, AP:B 1, BO 3
    Ens. Tac: KLW 1
    Cmdr Eng: EPtS 1, A2SIF 1, EPtW 3, RSP 3
    Lt. Eng: ET 1, DEM 1
    Lt. Cmdr. Sci: ST 1, HE 2, PO 2

    As you can see, I do not use A2Batt. Mainly because I don't like it from a gameplay standpoint, but also because it makes me too squishy for my taste. I tried it and I get better results when not using A2Batt. This opened up several build options usually not taken in traditional builds. First of all, I can use A2SIF on cooldown and in fact use it to proc the MW related skills, as I run MW as primary. This allows me to keep the buffs up all the time. Second, I can slot DEM and I'm considering shelling out a lot of credits to grab Marion Francis Dulmer to help again with energy drain by BO. Because old meta is new meta, right? Wink
    Cooldown management is done by PO and it's starship trait IPO, downside is that it costs one Starship Trait slot (which hurts, but I need the full uptime of PO to not have any clipping issues).

    Skills and Specializations:
    Primary Miracle Worker
    Secondary Pilot (for survivability and turn rate)

    Other than that I use a balanced build without tac ultimate. Writing everything down would take a while, so I'll amend a screenshot later on. But it's 15E/10S/21T to beef up survivability.
    [edit] you can view the exact skill picks here:

    I'm not exactly happy with it, as I currently lack the Coordination skills, I'm also not sure if I need the readiness skills anymore. I should be able to free up those skill points.

    A Good Day to Die
    Ablative Shell
    Beam Training
    Context is for Kings
    Duelist's Favor
    Fleet Coordinator
    Inspirational Leader
    Repair Crews
    Self-Modulating Fire

    Emergency Weapon Cycle
    Strike from the Shadows (I plan of replacing either this or Ruin with Calm before the Storm, I just need to decide which one)
    The Ruin of Our Enemies
    Superweapon Ingenuity
    Improved Photonic Officer

    Space Rep:
    Advanced Targeting Systems
    Aux. Power Configuration
    Energy Refrequencer
    Tyler's Duality

    Duty Officers:
    Fabrication Engineer (extend RSP)
    Nurse (Increases Hull Healing)
    ... (I'm open to suggestions, because right now this is where my old DCEs were which I don't need anymore)

    As you can see this is a pretty beefy build which can shrug off a fair emount of punishment. That suits me just fine because I'm a lousy pilot and will eat the occasional torp/warp core explosion. I might have gone slightly overboard with the surivability options though, I don't know. Originally this was a FAW boat which basically drew aggro from the Delta Quadrant when opening fire, since switching over to BO the aggro part got a lot better.

    So, there you have it. Opinions and suggestions are more than welcome!
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