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[Minutes] - Joint Community Meeting - December 2019

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Petrarch, Wed 18 Dec, 2019 1:58 AM
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    Community Meeting: DECEMBER 2019

    SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14th 2019 at 21:00 GMT (22:00 CET/16:00 EST)
    ATTENDEES: Petrarch, SammyGM, Asteropax, Bill, Bridger, Mack, Michael, Novalance, Arimimochi Taku, JDCollins,Seapanda, Solace, Chugster, Miles, Morris, Stryker, Rattlehead

    NOTE: All text in yellow represent meeting action points.

    • Three of Seven
    • Bedders
    • EnlistedNut09
    • Saelanna
    • WelshAvenger

    • Three sends apologies, couple of things to mention - In remembrance of Rene and D.C. Fontana, we will be hosting an episode night on Friday 20th December, hosted by SammyGM. Big UFPAC giveaway starting later today (14th) until the start of the Pre-UFPAC (21st). The end of year raffle should be bigger than before. Fleet Admiral Election was held on December 5th, Three of Seven was reelected to the position by 16 votes to 0.

    Divisional Updates

    Federation Executive Officers
    • Community Administration:
      • All quiet, nothing to report

    • Community Development:
      • All quiet, sorted a few things out, a few other things to sort out, nothing urgent or serious. Screenshot competition had an incident, this has been dealt with and is now considered resolved. Winners will be announced formally after the UFPAC. As a heads up, the community feedback is quite sizeable this quarter in all departments.

    • Community Gaming:
      • Pre-UFPAC event will take place in Qs Winter Wonderland, and members will be allowed to wear a festive attire if they so wish. In remembrance of Rene Auberjonois the post ufpac will be a Odo themed Changelings event. Roll Call closing soon so divisional survey results will soon follow. The Pre-UFPAC event listing will be published tomorrow night.

    • Community Technical Services & Security:
      • Nothing unusual going on, just a few tweaks here and there.

    Starfleet Command
    • Star Trek Online:
      • We have looked it complains of people not being able to donate to Fleet Projects, this has been dealt with by increasing the number of provisions from 250 to 500 that should provide plenty of options to donate but falls back to the old problem of not having Doffs donated. With the upcoming end of the Roll Call, the next removals process is going to happen soon.

    • Starfleet Operations:
      • The fleet itself is running fine. AT has been taking care of project line up and Michael has been a great help with processing fleet invites and promotions. At the same time, Solace has been doing a good job hosting the weekly Special Forces events. Looking to recruit more staff soon with that said. A fleet projects issues was also recently addressed when brought to our notice by Bridger.
    • House of Kular:
      • Nothing to report at this time.

    • Starfleet Holodeck:
      • Some games have been removed from the event rotation due to poor attendance. They’re looking at adding new titles by the end of the year.

    • ARES Roleplay:
      • Everything has been fairly quiet on our end with everyone focusing on taking care of their own stories. We’ll start doing a bit of a push to advance the story soon.

    • Federation News Service:
      • All quiet, nothing unusual to report and things ticking over.

    • Starfleet Academy:
      • Pretty quiet in the Academy, we have changed up our external recruitment on supported games forums and it has been keeping the Academy staff well engaged so far.

    • External Operations:
      • Things remain quiet on the Armada front, no new issues to raise or discuss at this time.

    • Policy change for CL4 members to submit 1 UFPAC recommendation as a mandatory requirement - The thought is to stick to encouraging recommendations as many CL4’s do rather than make this a mandatory requirement. Command Staff (CL5 & CL6) should try and nudge CL4 towards recommendations - Completed


    NOTE: Those who raise the agenda item are expected to help write the minutes for their item.
    • No items raised.

    • None Received.

    • As per the previous community meeting, the CL6/CL5 open floor is now merged into the All Attendee open floor.
    • Special Forces running again after the meeting!
    • Novalance loves Mack!
    • Xbox Series X announced, the boast about the 8K @ 120Hz is difficult to believe.
    • GTX 2080 cards are expensive.
    Petrarch Medals