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Events Community Feedback - December 2019

Started By:
Sammygm, Sun 26 Jan, 2020 1:07 PM
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    DEC EVENT APPROVAL: 99% (1%)

    Strongly Approve: 25%
    Approve: 16%
    Neutral: 58%
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    Never participated.
    Sammygm: I hope you do at some point!
    Bedders: We welcome everyone, I hope you come and join us if you get chance.
    Seapanda: You should! It's really fun, and sometimes cringy when we're let loose on the music bot Big Grin

    Not too many, not too few.
    Sammygm: I hope it's alright! It's definitely good too see more events compared to a year ago
    Bedders: Interest in events changes over time, as does peoples' availability.
    Seapanda: Having too many events and over saturating the event listing can be as bad as having too few of them. We usually prefer to keep 1-2 events during prime time up on a daily basis, with the flexibility of temporarily dropping them so other people can host more interesting events.

    I have yet to find out that information.
    Sammygm: You can find our events by clicking the "EVENTS" button on our header.
    Seapanda: Here you go!

    Real life bit me in the butt so I haven't been to an event in a while but I have heard some going on and see people attend so there must be stuff there for people, one day I'll get back to attending some events
    Sammygm: We hope to see you again soon!
    Bedders: Hope you can return soon, and that life isn't biting too hard Smile
    Seapanda: Looking forward to having you back! Let us know if there's any specific game you'd like to see hosted.

    The ones I've attended are right as rain.
    Sammygm: That is very good to read!
    Bedders: Thanks!
    Seapanda: Yeah, it does get a bit wet sometimes as well.

    Everything Is AWESOME!!!
    Sammygm: Yaay!
    Bedders: Thanks!
    Seapanda: Everything is cool when you're part of a team!

    Its great that some events are listed weeks in advance to give you enough time to prepare
    Sammygm: Glad you like it. We do try to make sure people have a chance to prepare themselves for events that require preperations.
    Bedders: As has been said already, if it's required we try to give time to get things installed or configured in advance.
    Seapanda: Always. Whenever possible, we plan things ahead by weeks and even months, so that when we do kick start the events, they are fully ready to go, and it doesn't interfere with people's Online/IRL plans.

    Events are well run and attended by myself.
    Sammygm: Thank you for running them kind soul!
    Bedders: Thanks!
    Seapanda: Always noticeable!

    Wish they were a little more ferquent.
    Sammygm: We'll see what we can do. Though keep in mind about the holiday seasons at the time of the roll call, few of our staff did not have time in December to host them.
    Bedders: Attachment 11925
    Seapanda: As I've commented above, we do need to consider the fact that sometimes other people want to host spontaneous events, and they should always have the opportunity to do so. We can very easily saturate the event listing, but then the community is going to go everywhere and nowhere at the same time, ad you can end up with an event that has 1 participant in it.

    The community in STO doesn't feel tight or is lacking in activity. This has been the feeling since I've joined. I don't feel a sense of togetherness as I did in previous fleets I've been a member in.
    Sammygm: Unfortunately this is something that plagues the STO area. We have been trying to get this sense of togetherness back for a long time. STO has come to a point in life where it's honestly more of a hassle to group up and plan something in a group than just going out solo and practically reap the same rewards. We always try to entice people to come join us in our community events, but unfortunately with varying results. We will of course continue to endeavour brining back the golden age of activity within STO, but realistically as the game ages this will become very difficult to achieve.

    Saying all of that though, there is more of sense of togetherness in other areas of the UFP.
    Bedders: Thanks for your feedback. Have you got any ideas on what we can do to tighten our STO presence? We welcome ideas!
    Seapanda: There was an increase in STO based events recently, so that should hopefully fix up some of the issues.

    I don't attend any of the community events as I'm a bit strange with my gaming habits, I tend to turn at the drop if a coin but I can see that there are plenty of events up for those that want to join in with the rest of the community so a big thumbs up there!
    Sammygm: Thank you!
    Bedders: Thanks! We're more than happy to welcome you to any events (or just in general). Also, we play all sorts when on TeamSpeak, not just what's on the events page.
    Seapanda: You don't even need a scheduled event to come and play. All you need to do is just show up on TeamSpeak, check in the Melon Lounge or the Holodeck channels if anyone is playing anything, and just hop on in!

    Good pace and scheduling, even if I'm unable to attend most due to timezone differences (no one's fault). Still gets a "strongly approve" from me!
    Sammygm: That's kind of you. It's a shame about the timezone issues, it's something we always try and address, but it's not something easily fixable as we rely on people of certain timezones willing to host events for us.
    Bedders: Thanks for your kind words! Hopefully someone will be available to host events at a time more friendly to you.
    Seapanda: There has been a slight increase in events during the US time zone, so hopefully that will get the attention of the US portion of the community and continue.
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