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Star Trek Online - Personnel Officer/Gin'tak

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Mack, Sat 08 Feb, 2020 4:58 PM
  1. SFO Commanding Officer

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    Star Trek Online - Personnel Officer
    CL4 - Tier 1 (Lieutenant Junior Grade)

    The Personnel Officer/Gin'tak is a STO Staff position where the staff member is responsible for the day-to-day management of Star Trek Online fleets' roster management. Personnel Officers/Gin'tak deal with fleet invitations and in-game member promotions as needed, and are responsible for creating a social atmosphere for the members both in-game and STO sub-forum.


    It would be nice to include STO experience in general, builds experience, etc and outline how long you've played STO in your applications - besides anything else you would like to mention

    • High level of in-game activity & forum involvement
    • Send out invite requests/handle promotions efficiently
    • Participation on STO based discussions
    • Assist members with builds if capable of doing so
    • The successful candidate of this role would report to Mack

    • Exams: None
    • Must have been a member of the community for at least 60 days.
    • Motivated and eager to grow the STO community within UFPlanets.
    • Is it a CL5 position? No
      PLEASE NOTE: If it is a CL5 position, the successful candidate will have to sign the Command Position Agreement before entering the role.

    Please apply using the Position Application Form.
    The position closes on 29 February 2020

    The successful candidate of this role would report to:
    Mack - SFO Commanding Officer (Federation Fleets)
    Novalance - HoK General (KDF Fleets)

    TIP: While it is ultimately up to you how you format your application, please try to include your online volunteering history, any relevant real life experience that's applicable, why you decided to stick with the UFP, why you feel you're the best person for the role and how you think it will benefit you.
    Starfleet Operations - Everyone is the artisan of their own future

    Mack Medals
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    If you like paying attention to details and helping your fellow fleet mates get their STO characters invited & promoted in a timely fashion, this would be a great position for ya! I enjoy it Cool