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FEO and Website December Roll Call Feedback

Started By:
Three of Seven, Sun 09 Feb, 2020 2:55 PM
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    It's finally here, and FEO have looked over the comments from the last survey and provided their responses to them. A number of other divisions and departments have and will continue to post their survey results in due time. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to the survey and a special thanks to those who left comments. You can still submit feedback via the contact form if there is something you wish to send us. Or you can drop me a PM and I will respond in reasonable time.

    This is the first survey we ran which required disapprovalto have a reason attached without revising the stats, you can read more about this here. Remember that comments left in these surveys are 100% anonymous, no one will know it was you if you say "I hate Three of Seven, she's useless!", and I won't hunt you down for it either, honest! If you disapprove, please, tell us, so we can work towards fixing it!

    FEO December Approval Rating: 100% (0%)
    FEO September Approval Rating: 100%

    Strongly Approve: 29% (+1%)
    Approve: 19% (-3%)
    Neutral: 52% (+2)
    Disapprove: 0% (0%)
    Strongly Disapprove: 0% (0%)

    Three of Seven: We are FEO, we make sure that the UFP keeps on running, and that everything is going smoothly!

    No issues whatsoever. Buy them all a coffee.
    Three of Seven: I'll let them buy me coffee.

    Petrarch: I'll have a Cappuccino please.

    Sammygm: Water will suffice.

    Jonathan: Soya Latte please!

    Jordan: Yuck! I'll take a cuppa

    Lazereth: Coke Zero please!

    FEO is full of very nice and friendly folks, keep up the great work!
    Three of Seven: You are also very nice, I am sure of it!

    Petrarch: Cheers!

    Sammygm: You're breathtaking!

    Jonathan: Thank you Sammy, you're breathtaking too Wink

    Jordan: Thanks!

    Lazereth: Many thanks!

    I like how active the FEO members are, A++
    Three of Seven: That's the first grade I have gotten over a B in my life!

    Petrarch: I don't get on TeamSpeak as much these days, so I try to stay visible on the forums as much as possible. That way everyone knows I'm not dead.

    Sammygm: Perhaps a bit too active. Please help I need a life.

    Jonathan: Not been on over the past month as I normally am due to personal issues but hopefully I will be as active as I was now.

    Lazereth: It gets difficult sometimes, real life can really kick the crap out of all of us sometimes!

    You guys are grand.
    Three of Seven: Cheers!

    Petrarch: Grand!

    Sammygm: Thanks!

    Jonathan: Ta

    Lazereth: Cheers!
    Communication could be improved. If someone sends you a PM, a follow up PM would be appreciated. Regardless of whether or not any action is going to be taken, communication is critical, especially in an online community. Unfortunately people can't read minds, so by not responding, you are putting out a I'm ignoring you or I don't care vibe. Which seems even more apparent when you quickly respond to some PMs and never bother responding to others.
    Three of Seven: Not really sure what to say to this one, as far as I am aware, PMs do get sorted, I did query this with my FEO collegues at the time, and they didn't seem to have any PMs outstanding that they were aware of. Sometimes, a conversation comes to a natural conclusion, there doesn't often seem much purpose in sending a futher PM to confirm that the PM chain has ended. If you think something wasn't addressed, you can follow up the PM to ask why. Without knowing the specifics, I can't really help on this matter, you are welcome to PM me about this, and I can look into it in more detail.

    Petrarch: On rare occasions things can sometimes get forgotten about or overlooked so it goes a little slower to reach the resolution - we're all human after all - but we never deliberately ignore or bury something to avoid dealing with it. Should an issue require input from all 6 of us, it can take a little while for it to get around everyone because of RL commitments, but we always make sure to deal with it. As Three says, sometimes conversations just come to an end and there's no need to say anything further at that point.

    Jonathan: Following on from what others have said, I can't see any examples of missing PMs and where a PM chain reaches a natural conclusion, I then won't respond. I rarely get PMs thesedays as people usually prefer to contact me using TeamSpeak. If we have missed something then just let us know so we can respond to it.

    Sammygm: Not much I can add to this. Three and Petrarch said everything.

    Lazereth: Sorry to hear that. Sometimes PMs get missed, particularly if you have a ton in quick succession. We do our best to respond to everyone, but if a PM gets overlooked, feel free to send a follow up.

    I will let you know at the next roll call.
    Three of Seven: Look forward to it!

    Petrarch: See you in March!

    Sammygm: See you soon!

    Jonathan: Look forward to hearing from you.

    Jordan: Any feedback is good!

    Lazereth: Let us know if you encounter any bugs!

    For a small group of volunteers, they do the best they can and real life can bite hard some times, so I don't blame them if they can't solve a problem 24/7 no one can do that, even the borg have to regenerate
    Three of Seven: We do certainly try our best, and life can be tough, these results have been delayed because I had a case of Borg flu over the holiday season, and other members of FEO have had other issues, the holiday season at the end of the year is often a nightmare. Been trying to keep on top of really urgent issues though, of which, we haven't really had any at the moment, thankfully! We do try our hardest though.

    Petrarch: Christmas slammed all of us this time around and I've got various things still hanging over my head in reality which is why the feedback results I usually send out have seen something of an unusual delay in being dealt with, but they've not been forgotten and they're still on the radar. As Three mentioned, it has been largely quiet lately with no disasters homing into view or anything so we've not had to go to red alert for a while now really. We do try to stay on top of everything and we get there in the end!

    Sammygm: I think we all deserved a long break from what was a very eventful year.

    Jonathan: Indeed the last three months of the year are usually the busiest due to people going away etc. FEO always remain in frequent contact behind the scenes should we need to respond to something though!

    Lazereth: It's strange, the UFP has been fairly quiet for the past few months, but real life seems to be slamming everyone quite hard right now. I suppose it's better that it happens during the quiet times than when it's not!

    These guys are slicker than lard on a doorknob!
    Three of Seven: I don't often put lard on doorknobs as a general rule, and I would recommend against it, very messy.

    Petrarch: I've got a slick bit on the floor in front of the dishwasher, watch your step.

    Lazereth: I.. don't like that metaphor. But thank you all the same!

    FEO are strong menz and woo menz.
    Three of Seven: Me strong, me smash!

    Petrarch: Attachment 11882

    Everything Is AWESOME!!!
    Three of Seven: That's from the Harry Potter movie isn't it?

    Petrarch: Life's a leg of lamb, with someone there to lend a hand...


    Lazereth: And there was much rejoicing!

    Go go power rangers! or CL6's!
    Three of Seven: I'll be the pink ranger!

    Petrarch: I'm not wearing those outfits, I'll borrow the Master Chief's armour.

    Thanks for allowing those who are not very active.
    Three of Seven: We certainly try to be as accomidating as possible, please make sure to check the ingame STO fleet activity details before putting in an invite, we do have some fleets that are for people with limited activity.

    Petrarch: Regardless if someone likes to take an active hand in things or prefers to lurk and read, we do understand everyone has various levels of activity so all the departments try to cover the bases for everyone.

    Lazereth: We all have real life to deal with. We just keep the UFP up for when you want to spend your free time with us!

    resistance is futile
    Three of Seven: This is my campaign slogan for Fleet Admiral.

    Petrarch: If it involves putting pineapple on a pizza, then resistance is not futile, it's actually demanded.

    Lazereth: Pineapple on pizza is nice. Fight me.

    No issues or concerns.
    Three of Seven: Great to hear! If you ever do, please get in touch!

    Petrarch: Doors are always open if an issue or concern does appear!

    The department is ran effectively, I have no complaints.
    Three of Seven: I suppose you could say, with Borg like efficiency! Except when I get Borg flu.

    Petrarch: Thank you!

    Love the transparency, and stuff.
    Three of Seven: I like to think we do a good job of being transparent, we'll certainly keep trying to keep that up.

    Petrarch: Things that get buried in the dark have a tendency to find their way back into the light. It's usually best to just be up front about what's going on.

    Sammygm: I think transparency is what can make a place great. I think we've been doing a good job in keeping all decisions transparent so the members get a good idea why we do things and how we do things. There will obviously be some things that won't be transparent, but those will usually be about security related things.

    Jonathan: I think we strike a good balance and I'm glad that it is appreciated across the community.

    Jordan: I've always seen transparency as an important aspect in ensuring members know what's happening, especially with important community decisions - so I hope we're doing right by our members.

    Lazereth: It's always for the better!

    Although I don't have any direct interaction with anyone from the FEO I can take the smooth running of the website and it's overall appearance as indication that they are doing a good job.
    Three of Seven: You could take it as us doing a good job! You are also more than welcome to speak with us, we hang around TeamSpeak a fair bit, some use Discord as well, depends when you catch us!

    Petrarch: We try our best. Should you ever need to get hold of us, we're never too far away.

    Sammygm: You can find me on teamspeak everyday during European hours in the Members' Lounge!

    Jonathan: Always on TeamSpeak!

    Lazereth: Any questions, feel free to ask us on TeamSpeak or the forums!

    It may not be said often enough, but thank you all for everything you do to keep this community vibrant, welcoming, and very fun.
    Three of Seven: It can never be said too much, we do want to make sure this community is welcoming, and fun for everyone who joins! If there's anything we can do to improve that, we are always listening.

    Petrarch: Thank you! Three said it best so I'll simply echo that.

    Lazereth: Many thanks! That's nice to hear.

    Great staff and always helpful.
    Three of Seven: Thanks!

    Petrarch: Much appreciated, cheers!

    Lazereth: Many thanks!

    your doing a great job keep up the good work
    Three of Seven: Thank you very much! I am sure we will all keep up the good work, atleast, I hope so.

    Petrarch: Cheers! Displacement Activated Spore Hub Drives for everyone! (I should maybe be embarrassed for doing that, but I'm not)

    Lazereth: Thanks! We'll give it our best shot!

    10982281 664013420364911 7509618063819137952 n
    Three of Seven: Meow!!

    Petrarch: Still a better story than that Cats film.

    Jonathan: Look what you have done Three!

    Lazereth: They are freaking adorable!

    Website December Approval Rating: 100% (0%)
    Website September Approval Rating: 100%

    Strongly Approve: 33% (0%)
    Approve: 15% (-4%)
    Neutral: 52% (+4%)
    Disapprove: 0% (0%)
    Strongly Disapprove: 0% (0%)

    Love it!
    Yes, it does. I've been with the fleet for quite some time & the various designs haven't failed me. Give whoever keeps the site up a Klondike bar!!
    Our site makes others look like they're from the beginning of the internet!
    Not very neutral friendly
    i think the site looks good.
    I love the site, I want to marry it, is this possible?
    It all purdy much makes horse sense to me.
    Everything Is AWESOME!!!
    Always love this website
    Well laid out and can find info as needed.
    Website is brilliant and the Christmas theme is a nice touch.
    The design as always is stellar!
    Although I personally still prefer the old LCARS style website I can't fault the current one in any way.
    Yay for the blue guy (Jordan) and the Cyber guy (Laz). Thank you.
    Jordan: Thanks for all the warm feedback and I'm glad the website is still going down well with our members.

    Lazereth: Cheers all!

    I don't disapprove, but I find it a bit difficult to navigate. thanks
    Some things are not easy to find, so organisation could be better.
    Jordan: If you have any specific feedback regarding the organisation or how to improve any aspects of it please send me a PM! Feedback is most welcome to improve the user experience.

    Lazereth: What Jordan said. Please feel free to send us specifics, the nature of forums can sometimes make it difficult to organise things as we would like them to be.
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