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Ramage, Fri 14 Feb, 2020 7:16 AM
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     –  Last edited by Ramage; Fri 14 Feb, 2020 7:22 AM.
    I thought it would be cool for a thread where people can show their own Kitbashed starships.

    For thos who don't know, kitbahsing in this context is taking parts of ship skins and putting them together to make a non uniform yet aesthetically or trek faithful design.
    In the future I'll go into how to take actual parts of other ships to make truly unique vessels for nice screenshots.

    Here's my first,
    The Federation Bird of Prey(Romulan)
    Name:  screenshot_2020-02-14-20-04-18.jpg
Views: 36
Size:  2.10 MB

    Name:  screenshot_2020-02-14-20-04-25.jpg
Views: 36
Size:  2.03 MB

    A more faithful to TNG Gal-X design

    Name:  screenshot_2020-02-14-20-06-29.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  2.16 MB

    Name:  screenshot_2020-02-14-20-06-52.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  2.11 MB

    Some neat skin combos

    This ship material on the Defiant looks kind of like the one on the ship Normandy 2, Mass Effect.

    Name:  screenshot_2020-02-14-19-59-20.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  2.01 MB

    last one I've done. I need to look through all my toons to locate all of them, this is what I got for now.
    Name:  screenshot_2020-02-14-20-08-21.jpg
Views: 38
Size:  2.15 MB

    Would really like to see all of your designs as well so please share them.

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