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[Announcement] - Revamped DPS League

Started By:
Solace, Mon 17 Feb, 2020 6:32 PM
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     –  Last edited by Solace; Mon 17 Feb, 2020 6:35 PM.
    STO 240

    Greetings UFPlanets members

    I have a couple of items to announce today:

    You may have noticed the DPS League thread has disappeared, well I'm happy to announce a brand new totally revamped DPS League 2.0! We're moving away from team based DPS groups to DPS Brackets. The new DPS League is now split up into 3 distinct DPS brackets, these being Normal, Advanced and Elite.

    Each DPS bracket shows the recommended range of DPS for each difficulty level. This way you can see where you are currently sitting and where you need to be to take on more challenging content effectively.

    With the implementation of the new DPS League 2.0 we've taken the decision to perform a table wipe, so you'll need to submit fresh new parses in either Infected Space Advanced (ISA) or Infected Space Elite (ISE).

    Finally with the STO Combat Meter (SCM) currently unable to upload ISA & ISE runs to the DPS league table, we will temporarily be accepting CLR(Combat Log Reader) for DPS verification purposes. Any submitted parses for the new DPS League MUST be uploaded via CLR so they can be verified and the league updated accordingly.

    Captain Solace
    Special Forces Commander