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[Spoiler] - Picard S1-E10 - Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2

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Petrarch, Wed 25 Mar, 2020 2:41 PM

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     –  Last edited by Curzon Peers; Mon 01 Jun, 2020 5:50 AM.
    I need to collect my thoughts for the season as a whole, but I think killing Picard is the same wasteful, unnecessary pathos they've been doing to everyone else. Him being a man doomed to die soon had the potential to carry a bit more drama into later seasons, and all we got were scenes of everyone grieving while the audience rolls their eyes, because we all know he's not going to stay dead, and once he is brought back it undermines the death scene anyway, since it's not like it accomplished much, and because of the aforementioned bit, never carried as much weight as any other main character death has. Maybe if it were a cliffhanger rather than a thing to just breeze through with a couple heartfelt scenes.

    Wasteful is how I'd characterize this whole season. We spend 3 episodes with Picards Romulan housekeeper/bodyguards only to leave them behind, interesting characters are killed off for petty kick-the-dog moments, and there's this whole plot regarding the Borg cube that isn't resolved despite the cube having come to the planet with everyone else. Hell, the time they spend crying over Picard would have allowed at least a token effort to do something like have the XBs decide this planet is going to be their new home since they don't belong anywhere else.

    My only hope is they at least leverage android Picard into a decent ship of theseus "what makes someone human" and the nature of the self examination.
    And that they tie up the plotlines they didn't bother to do in the finale.