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[Announcement] - Events Community Feedback - March 2020

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Sammygm, Wed 01 Apr, 2020 7:20 PM
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    MAR EVENT APPROVAL: 99% (0%)

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    Would be nice to see more members getting involved and hosting events, I’m sure there are plenty of cool ideas out there!
    Sammygm: We're always looking for new members to get involved in the event making process. But after all this is something members themselves want to do, if they do not want to host event then there is very little w

    Michael: New events and members creating varied events change often and are being added all the time. There's this thread if you'd like suggest anything Cool.

    Seems to be getting better.
    Sammygm: I do like seeing the progress that has been made by both the STO and Holodeck division when it comes to filling up the event calendar, it's even better to see them being regularly attended by our memebers.
    There’s a good variety of events available on the calendar.
    Heyallo: I'm glad there's something there for you, if there isn't, host an event or ask one of us on the Holodeck for assistance!

    I love the events!
    Sammygm: I'm glad you love em!

    Heyallo: Awwww! We love you too!

    There are fantastic!
    Sammygm: You're fantastic!

    Since my time is limited online, I cannot really speak about frequency, but when I am able to attend Solace's Saturday events it is always enjoyable.
    Solace: It makes me really happy that people are enjoying the Special Forces events especially Special Forces Saturday! <3

    i’ve tried to attend two and no one was about.
    Sammygm: That's not good. If this happens, it's a good idea to grab a hold of the event host and ask them about it, if this happens repeatedly you can always send me a PM.
    I wish we did more together across more games.
    Sammygm: "more games" is a pretty vague term, if you have an idea for a game to get supported try and contact Bedders, or see how much interest there is by posting about it on the Forum
    I think a actual online caledar listing events would be cool
    Sammygm: Thanks to Jordan's rapid response he has released an online event calendar just for you! You can find it here

    Division 2 has been very active and fun!
    Michael: Indeed it has! Glad you've enjoyed it with us!

    Heyallo: AGENT NEEDS ASSISTANCE! // Thanks! we try and hope you enjoy our shenanigans!
    They are always fun, and generally well organised/planned. Sad to see some of the activity trailing off, but it's been awesome to go into Teamspeak and see 3 or more channels completely full when STO events are on. Great to see STO having a sudden revival!
    Sammygm: It really has been a refreshing sight to see Teamspeak packed during event hours. I would like to thank all the Event Officer doing a tremendous job filling up the Events Calendar.

    Solace: Its been really great to see this as well! I’ve always ran my STO events as open to anyone who wants to join in, don’t worry about your DPS or your build, come and have some fun!

    They're pog.
    Sammygm: Poggers in chat

    Most of the events have been awesome!
    I re-scheduled my life to attend an STO event for new players, but the event was cancelled the day of the event. I have not tried to re-schedule my life for another one of the weekly new-player events. If possible, it might be better to schedule them at different days/times each week to accomodate a wider variety of schedules.
    Michael: Real life comes first as always, so sometimes it's needed to rearrange an event that one is hosting. Event hosts attempt to make a time that's most convenient for the whole but also has to be somewhat based on the hosts availability as well, as it would be hard to host an event if you're not able to be online at that time Wink. That event has been changed to a more convenient time for the majority of the community, hopefully you'll be able to catch that one Smile. However, if you PM me a specific time that works for you, I'd be more then happy to personally give you a tour of any of the STO/SWTOR holdings Cool. I do apologize for any inconvenience the change has caused you.

    Solace: Remember that real life comes first regardless of whatever events are going on in game, there's always next time! Sadly I live in the UK so I can only do European timezones

    Would like to see more notification of events. Or just more events, especially on weekends or related to the in-game events and event campaigns.
    Sammygm: More notifications is something we can look into doing. As for more events, weekends are already heavily saturated with events that it's very difficult for staff members to slot weekend events, if you want to see a specific type of it event you are free to suggest one.

    Heyallo: Why not both? Though we do try to advertise them as happening either with posts, in the chatbox or just word of mouth =)

    It's operating above normal parameters.
    Heyallo: There are parameters?!?!?!? why did no one tell me this?!?

    Would like events to show up in-game....nothing against the website but events are easy to miss
    Sammygm: This is something we can do.

    Solace: Perhaps this could be included in a weekly reminder PM sent out.
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    I wouldn't mind doing a few boss fight event's in Neverwinter and or Runescape if there's enough interest for a few Runescape events now and then. Maybe also the idea of branching out into supporting other games could be looked at some point down the road it might bring in more inter community activity