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FNS Survey Results - March 2020

Started By:
Three of Seven, Fri 03 Apr, 2020 10:03 PM
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    FNS 240

    FNS March Survey Results

    Overall Approval Rating: 100%

    Strongly Approve: 26%
    Approve: 18%
    Neutral: 56%
    Disapprove: 0%
    Strongly Disapprove: 0%

    Great to see some new writers in FNS been loving the quality in the new articles
    Three of Seven: It certainly is! I am enjoying seeing more writers sign up, and getting articles out.

    Infinity: The new additions to the staff team have done a brilliant job so far, I'm glad you like the articles we've seen from them.

    Chris Wilkinson: The new writers that have come on board recently have been doing some outstanding work Smile so I'm sure they'll appreciate that feedback a lot.

    Yay for more writers!
    Three of Seven: Yay!

    Infinity: Yay x2

    Chris Wilkinson: I concur here, it's great to see a more varied output of news as it gives a greater perspective on things.

    Top quality! It´s always nice to read an article and learn something new.
    Three of Seven: That's great to hear, look forward to future articles!

    Infinity: I completely understand where you're coming from, learning IS fun!

    Chris Wilkinson: I know personally when I write an article I try to do a decent amount of research so it's as factual as possible, and while I can't speak for anyone else, I'm sure they do that as well Smile

    I think they are improving lately.
    Three of Seven: Maybe it's because there is more variety, and different writing styles!

    Infinity: As Three mentioned above, there is a variety which I'm sure helps.

    Chris Wilkinson: Thanks Smile

    i’ve not seen one..
    Three of Seven: If you click on the News tab at the top, you will be able to take a look!

    Infinity: We also post about our new articles on social media, make sure to give us a follow! (links on bottom of site)

    Chris Wilkinson: Three's guide on where to find the news is quite comprehensive, but hopefully once you read some of the articles we've written, you'll enjoy them Smile

    Some good ones, would like to see more.
    Three of Seven: Well, there's always a spot open for staff writer if you want to help out!

    Infinity: Thank you for the feedback! We'll be sure to have more out for you in the future.

    Chris Wilkinson: I'm sure that can be arranged

    Always nice to read. An awful lot of stuff that is posted is stuff that the mainstream news places I read tend to not post about much, if at all. I suppose it is too ''niche' for them. So it's great I can rely on you guys to bring me some interesting stuff to read.
    Three of Seven: A lot of out stuff does come from other niche outlets, but with our own take. We do also get press releases, and a very occasional exclusive, but sadly, we don't have too much power to get many regular exclusives. Maybe in the future, but I am glad you are enjoying what you read.

    Infinity: Our articles aren't what you'll generally find on mainstream media, so in a sense we have a "news bubble" where you'll see only the cool and fun things published on our community site.

    Chris Wilkinson: Again, speaking just for myself, I don't like covering what the big guys have done as there will be less I can do that's unique so to speak.

    Readable Big Grin
    Three of Seven: Always helpful!

    Infinity: Awesome! If you stumble across an article that you think could be tweaked slightly, drop me a PM and I'll review it with you.

    Chris Wilkinson: Thumbs up

    It's operating above normal parameters.
    Three of Seven: Efficient.

    Infinity: Only organics are allowed here.

    Chris Wilkinson: That's great to hear Smile
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    I think the past few weeks just reinforce this; quality articles, varied styles and viewpoints, and lots of great content.
    Silek Medals