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Fight Covid-19 with your Spare Computer Power

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Brask, Fri 10 Apr, 2020 12:55 PM
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    The current global pandemic is surely getting a few of us down over this Easter Weekend. Some of you will be working in essential fields, helping to treat people, or keep the food supplies coming in, or many other things. Thank you. But I imagine most of us are confined to our homes and, if you're anything like me, starting to get a bit sick of it. So why not contribute to finding a solution by donating your spare computer power to Folding@Home.

    Folding@Home is a project based at the Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine that is focused on disease research. The problems they’re solving require so many computer calculations – and they need your help to find the cures. You can download an application from their website which will run simulations for them. My workplace (which does physics research) has donated their supercomputer processing power to the cause, but every little helps. Maybe, like me, you've got an office PC still powered on for you to remote to? When you're not working it could be helping fight diseases. Or you might have a powerful gaming PC setup at home? When you're not using it to flying through space or hunt down dragons it could hunting proteins! Have a think about it.

    This is not a new idea and I'm sure that a few of you have heard of such schemes before. Maybe you've participated in them before? Comment below if you have!

    Thanks for reading and remember, STAY AT HOME! The graphics outside aren't that great anyway...

    **DISCLAIMER: I'm not affiliated with this research project. I only heard about it today through a work email. I don't know of any security implications associated with running they're application so if you are worried about such things you'll have to research it yourself.**
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