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CANADIANS - SpaceX Application to CRTC. Make yourself heard!

Started By:
Thomas Mullaly, Sun 24 May, 2020 4:53 PM
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    To all my fellow Canadians:

    SpaceX has finally submitted its application to the CRTC for a Basic International Telecommunications Services (BITS) license. This license is required for it to provide internet connections from Canada to the rest of the world via its Starlink satellites. The comment period for their application has opened, and is open until 19 June 2020.

    Unfortunately in our vast country, the big-three telecoms have largely taken the government's money while promising to extend high speed internet to the rural residents and failing to deliver. My parents, for example, live 30 minutes outside our national capital and are limited to prohibitively expensive satellite internet or ridiculously poor quality radio-connection internet, while paying out the nose for the bad service. They're lucky if their internet tops 2 mbps, and they're paying $80+/month for it. Starlink promises to change all of that.

    I invite all Canadians to let the CRTC know that SpaceX is a welcome addition to the Canadian internet landscape by commenting on their application. You can comment by following the link below and searching for the application by Space Exploration Technologies Corp. then clicking on "Submit" to submit a comment. (The site is loading slowly for me - I think we may be exceeding the CRTC's comment capacity at the moment).

    Thanks for your support!

    This has been a Public Service Announcement from your friendly Canadian pal, Vice Fleet Admiral (Retired) Thomas Mullaly.
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