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[Minutes] - Joint Community Meeting - June 2020

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Petrarch, Wed 24 Jun, 2020 8:40 PM
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    (A little later than I intended as I've not been with it lately, apologies.)

    Community Meeting: JUNE 2020

    SATURDAY, JUNE 13th 2020 at 21:00 BST (22:00 CEST/16:00 EDT)
    ATTENDEES: Jonathan, Petrarch, SammyGM, Three of Seven, Bedders, Bridger, Infinity, Michael, Seapanda, WelshAvenger, Taku, Keenan, Lars2510, Solace, Brask, GriffonTalon, Jern, Miles, Morris, Pedigo, Rattlehead, Reggie, Ricwin, TonV, Archer-Boi

    NOTE: All text in yellow represent meeting action points.

    • Jordan
    • Lazereth
    • Bill
    • EnlistedNut09
    • Mack
    • Novalance
    • Saelanna


    Divisional Updates

    Federation Executive Officers
    • Community Administration:

    • Community Development:
      • Everything quiet, not aware of any problems or issues that require attention at the current time. We missed the 15th anniversary of the Star Trek: Enterprise finale, so we’ve started putting together a notable dates document for future reference.

    • Community Gaming:
      • UFPAC is rapidly approaching, that means there’s going to be another round of pre-ufpac events, I’m going to be opening up the pre-planning on monday, so keep an eye out for it. I have also been contacted by a person that dedicated himself to Elite Force asking us if we are willing to participate in a EF Community wide celebration of the 20th anniversary of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. Details still need to be chiseled out but will post an official announcement with more information when available. If you want to play Elite Force right now, we offer a legal free copy of Elite Force at

    • Community Technical Services & Security:
      • Not Present as per excusals list.

    Starfleet Command
    • Star Trek Online:

    • Starfleet Operations:
      • Everything is awesome and we got a 5th Fleet.
    • House of Kular:
      • Waiting for the next Season dropping all the updated Klingon content.

    • Starfleet Holodeck:
      • Number of staff are on LoA.
      • GTA Online being free on Epic Games Launcher has resulted in some interest in it from the regulars on TeamSpeak, contact Sammygm for more information.
      • Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals started, looking for interest to start game events (and potential raiding teams) contact Seapanda for more information.
      • Warframe receiving continuous updates, interest in the game remains on the radar and the clan is being maintained. Contact Seapanda for more information.
      • As always we’re open to new suggestions for different games to play, post ideas here or contact any Holodeck staff member for more information.

    • ARES Roleplay:
      • Very little to report this month. Only a couple of members actively posting. Welsh put up a welfare check post to make sure that everyone was ok.

    • Federation News Service:
      • We promoted Silek from a Writer to an Editor, more news articles happening soon.

    • Starfleet Academy:
      • Asimov resigned due to real life commitments. Our next department meeting is June 20th. EnlistedNut09 is currently on an extended LOA and may not return until late November/early December.

    • External Operations:
      • Update received from Bill - Nothing to report on the Armada front, both sides are filled and there are no issues at the current time..

    • No Action Required.


    NOTE: Those who raise the agenda item are expected to help write the minutes for their item.
    • None Tabled for June 2020.

    • None Received.

    • Three of Seven likes the design of the UFP signatures, they are great.
    • Taku mentioned the lack of 3rd fleet details on the thread on the fleet holdings guidance, Bridger will be adding this in.
    • Michael asked about 5th fleet invites, form should be updated soon.
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