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[Spoiler] - "Robert O'Reilly explaining Gowron's eyes" - Video

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    Greetings Fleet Peeps... Found this neat little trinket on YouTube, the first video is Robert O'Reilly talking about Gowron's eyes and how his character became to be in Star Trek TNG going forward.

    (SPOILER ALERT!) The second video is his last appearance where he dual's with Worf for leadership of the council but is also how General Martok became Chancellor and leader of the Klingon Empire. I watched the full episode on my television the other day. Those interested can tune into Deep Space Nine episode: "Tacking into the Wind", Season 7 Episode 22.

    Video of Robert O'Reilly explaining "Gowron's eyes"
    Clip of the final appearance of Gowron in dual with Worf. General Martok becomes Chancellor.

    For a few seconds Worf was "the man" after the battle... surprising when his character first started off he was basically an outcast by the Empire because of his father... however I really liked how General Martok was showing his honor and humbleness that despite all this he didn't want to be Chancellor, a most coveted position in the Klingon Empire. However, the look on his face when Worf "thrusted power" upon him as he stated so by Kahless, was priceless. I felt in someway he had dreamed of it once before, as he said he was not of noble born and wanted to lead a life of the honorable soldier. But, that look when the robe was upon his shoulders felt like a dream come true for him in some way, even though he never sought it. Just an analytical observation as well as how much I liked this scene in the episode of DS9.

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