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FNS Survey Results - June 2020

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Three of Seven, 1 Week Ago
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    FNS 240

    FNS June Survey Results

    Overall Approval Rating: 100% (+0%)
    March Overall Approval Rating: 100%

    Strongly Approve: 24% (-2%)
    Approve: 18% (+0%)
    Neutral: 58% (+2%)
    Disapprove: 0% (+0%)
    Strongly Disapprove: 0% (+0%)

    It good.
    Three of Seven: Thank you! We certainly do try!

    Infinity: Thanks, we appreciate the comment! If you have any additional feedback let us know!

    Hasn't been many, but the recent ones have been good reading. Thank you for that.
    Three of Seven: Quality over quantity is something to live by, so I am glad they are good reading, hopefully we can get more out, and increase the number of writers we have.

    Infinity: I am glad you enjoy reading them! In the past, we put out a lot of articles in a short time frame which usually resulted in the article not being up to the quality we would like, putting more focus on fewer articles but at a much higher quality is something we've been working towards for a while now.

    The news articles are fantastic, moving Infinity up to a CL5 position has strengthened the departments leadership and solidified its place as a fixture within the community. Additionally the promotion of Silek to the Editor role serves to highlight the positive changes that the leadership are making to improve the department even further.
    Three of Seven: Always looking to make the FNS team stronger, more writers will keep us moving forward, and an increase in writers would also open up more editor positions. Infinity has been a big help for FNS for a long while, so his appointment made a great deal of sense!

    Infinity: Thank you for your lovely message, if you do have any interest in being a part of the news team, definitely check out the Volunteer page!

    good, better, best never let it rest
    Three of Seven: As long as there is news to write, it won't rest!

    Infinity: FNS has been around for many years and hopefully won't be going anywhere anytime soon!