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[Announcement] - EVENTS JUNE Community Survey Results

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Sammygm, 1 Week Ago
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    There's quite a bit of reliance of use of teamspeak for events. Not all of us are able to make use of this for various reasons. Would be nice to see events with less reliance on this to let more people participate.
    Sammygm: That's because teamspeak offers us a effective way to organise events and a nice way to communicate with fellow community members. If you're unable to use it, then that's fine you actually do not have to use it. Anyone can participate in any event with or without, just don't expect to have as good of a time than if you were on teamspeak.
    Solace: When I host my weekly STO event Special Forces Saturday, I don't enforce the use of the teamspeak, everyone is welcome and I've had plenty of members jump in and tag along and chat through ingame text Big Grin
    Certainly no lack of events. As what is always stated, if someone doesn't see something that they are very interested in, they can speak up or ask their RSO for advice/help. Some games see more events than others, obviously due to interest in them. Not sure what else to say, except kudos to all the Event Officers running events (even if I don't participate in most). Cheers!
    Sammygm: Thank you!
    Could always have more
    Sammygm: True, we could always have more people hosting events Wink
    The events are superb.
    good, better, best never let it rest
    It good.
    Sammygm: All good!
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