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FAB Community Survey Results - September 2020

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Jonathan, 4 Weeks Ago
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     –  Last edited by Jonathan; 3 Weeks Ago.
    Hi everyone,

    Below are FAB survey results for this quarter.

    Thanks as always for the feedback, if anyone has anything they would like to add then please feel free to message me or Saelanna or reply to this thread.

    FAB 240

    FAB spacer small

    Approval Rating: 100%

    Rating Spread:

    Strongly Approve - 28%
    Approve- 19%
    Neutral- 54%

    Same as last question, I am not aware.
    Jonathan: Well I hope you will be able to provide any feedback for the next survey in three months time.

    Saelanna: giphy

    Jonathan isn't that scary anymore.
    Jonathan: I'm glad to hear it. I'm not scary at all unless you break the rules.

    Saelanna: As Jonathan quite rightly says, if you don't break the rules there's no need to be scared of him.

    I don't see any horribleness (is that a word?) on the forums so the moderation team must be doing a good job as we all know the internet is full of nasty pasties. The team also do a great job of distinguishing between friendly banter and bullying/abuse on the TS server. Not always an easy line to administrate.
    Jonathan: Yes I think we do have a good balance of moderation at the moment. Glad to hear you also approve.

    Saelanna: Our team of moderators do an amazing job in keeping the site clear of naysayers and wrongdoers.

    Jonathan isn't that scary - just don't upset him or feed him after midnight!
    Jonathan: giphy

    Saelanna: giphy

    Jonthan said he would beat me up if I said anything bad about him and then Sealanna agreed with him, she sharpened her knives, so I have to say they are both very nice people
    Jonathan: giphy

    Saelanna: giphy

    Everything is working within normal parameters.
    Jonathan: Any issues then you know where to find us!

    Saelanna: We're like a well-oiled machine!

    just came back today 9-3-2020 so I cant say
    Jonathan: Welcome back to the UFP!

    Saelanna: Welcome back!

    Things appear good and running without problems.
    Jonathan: Thank you!

    Saelanna: Cheers!

    FAB is pretty cool, that Jonathan guy is a top-notch lad. Keep up the great work Jonti and Saelanna.
    Jonathan: Well thank you!

    Saelanna: Thank you very much!
    Jonathan Medals