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[Announcement] - Ares Roleplay Feedback September 2020

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WelshAvenger, 3 Weeks Ago
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    No real experience, difficult to comment, glad there is something for everyone.
    WelshAvenger: There is something for everyone, right? Thank you for commenting

    Never been there.
    WelshAvenger: Feel free to stop by anytime, it's a great read.

    It's fun to read and follow the story that's being told. I'm considering to take part in the roleplay project too!
    WelshAvenger: I glad you're enjoying it. You're welcome to join us at any time.

    Seems a little quiet of late...
    WelshAvenger: RL has had an enormous impact on our members and I look forward to a time when they can return.

    I wish I could write more to stay in.
    WelshAvenger: That's not an issue right now, we're not kicking anyone out for lack of posting.

    Love the character details
    WelAvenger: I agree, we have some fantastically realised characters.

    Everything is working within normal parameters.
    WelshAvenger: Steady as she goes.

    just came back today 9-3-2020 so I cant say
    WelshAvenger: I look forward to your feedback when you've had a little time to catch up on it.

    Energy and drive has waned. May be time for new stimulus.
    WelshAvenger: Lots of RL issues affecting the Ares members and not allowing a lot of time for creative writing. I fully support those members taking time away and will be consulting with them in the near future.

    WelshAvenger: TY
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