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[Patch Notes] - Warframe: Orpix Venom

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Bedders, Mon 21 Dec, 2020 2:50 PM
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    Warframe has released Operation: Orphix Venom on Friday!

    This adds a lot of high-level content running until 18th January 2021 on PC and it looks AMAZING.

    Here's the patch notes, the full news is available on their website here.

    Orphix Venom 29.6.0


    The Sentients are back. Armed with weaponized pulses cleverly designed to disable Warframes, they're staging a takeover of enemy vessels. Deploy your Necramech to survive incoming hordes for as long as possible and earn Blueprints for Lavos, the newest Warframe, plus much more!

    Operation: Orphix Venom is a limited-time event and ends on January 18 at 2 p.m. ET on PC.

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    With your Warframe compromised, you’ll need to rely on your Necramech to defend enemy ships against a total Sentient takeover. If you don’t yet own a Necramech, you’ll find Necramechs throughout the Operation level that you can Transference into!

    Aboard the ambushed Grineer and Corpus vessels, be prepared to face new Sentient adversaries. The Orphix are insidiously engineered to interrupt Transference and wreak havoc. You’ll need to take them out with the strength of your Necramech and Operator, along with the Orphix Resonators, and keep the Sentient Control meter below 100%. Last as long as you can to earn Phasic Cells to exchange for Rewards and stave off the invasion!

    Avoid defeat at all costs, Tenno.

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    Operation: Orphix Venom will not be easy and requires preparation. You must have completed both the “Heart of Deimos” and “The War Within” Quests in order to begin.

    There are 3 tiers of difficulty:
    • Operation: Orphix Venom
    • Operation: Orphix Venom - Advanced
    • Operation: Orphix Venom - Endurance

    Progress through each to encounter the enemy at varying difficulties to earn different Rewards along the way!

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    Visit the Necralisk on Deimos and talk to Father, who’s eager to demonstrate the power of his Necramechs against the Sentient threat. He’s hoarding a stockpile of special gear that he’ll trade for Phasic Cells, including the Blueprint for the master experimenter and newest Warframe, Lavos, Necramech Mods and more! BUT - there’s more! You can also earn a number of rewards also by just playing the Operation - including Lavos! It’ll be up to you if you want to save your Phasic Cells for Lavos and other items, or get lucky and earn select items within the Operation! Drop Tables are here:

    • Lavos Blueprint & Parts
    • Cedo Blueprint & Parts
    • New Necramech Mods
    • Cryptanaut Necramech Helmet
    • Archgun Skins
      • Cortege Supulchrax Skin
      • Morgha Supulchrax Skin
    • Returning Scarlet Spear Items
      • Ceti Lacera Blueprint
      • Basmu Blueprint
      • Stance Forma Blueprint
      • The Ballroom Simulacrum
      • Phased Clan Sigil
      • Glyphed Clan Sigil
      • Gilded Clan Sigil
      • Warframe Arcanes

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    Each Orphix has an initial value of 100 points in the first Operation mission. As your fight evolves, so will the Orphix, awarding you more points at a greater difficulty. Orphix will be worth 200 points at the hardest difficulty (Endurance), and scale up from there! Kill Sentients to increase your score as well. The higher your score, the more Phasic Cells you’ll walk away with.
    Try to survive for as long as you can - 36 Orphix will be the maximum amount in the Endurance mission, so once you’ve hit 36, it’s time to extract! The first two Operation missions have a limit of 24 Orphix. Players looking to maximize their score should head to Endurance!

    Phasic Cells can be earned in any Operation mission. But remember - Endurance gives the most points per Orphix, so you’ll earn the most Phasic Cells there. A prepared and coordinated squad even more so! While this Operation is possible Solo, best results will come from coordinated Squads!


    We will be turning on Leaderboards after 1 or 2 Hotfixes to ensure the competition begins after key issues that players report are resolved. We will advise all Tenno when Leaderboards come online!

    Clan Scores are determined based on the sum of all participating members' best scores. We balanced this around about 50% member participation for Gold Tier trophies.


    3 New Sentient Enemies will be encountered during Operation: Orphix Venom and can be spawned in the Simulacrum once fully Scanned!

    This lightweight Sentient mounts itself to solid ground in order to deploy massive long range cannons.

    These ethereal Sentients attack with both a sonic barrage and a thunderous homing orb.

    A high-order Sentient that bifurcates its body, creating a portal it uses to summon reinforcements and projectiles. Armed with twin cannons.

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    It's sometimes hard to follow everything, not sure how far behind I am, though I don't think it's much, I did pick up Trap Prime (pls no ban from holodeck) =P
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