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[Notice] - Lunarfall - Guild Info & Structure

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Mack, Sun 27 Dec, 2020 11:35 AM
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    UFP Lunarfall Tabard? t=1608905723
    Region: Europe | Server: Magtheridon | Faction: Alliance
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    UFPlanets Community officially makes a return to World of Warcraft in the current Shadowlands expansion, with our Alliance Guild - Lunarfall!

    This isn't the first time World of Warcraft has been supported by us, and previously the community members did play on the Horde side under the guild name "Champions of the Sunwell". Lunarfall itself has also been around for quite awhile!

    With Shadowlands and increasing interest for WoW within the community, it was the right place and right time to start investing time and resources towards building the community within WoW again. Since you now see this thread, we are comfortable to announce ourselves officially! With Lunarfall, we intend to give the UFPlanets Community members the same community oriented in-game leadership in an organized fashion which you have known to expect from us with our STO Fleets. What makes Lunarfall more exciting is that in WoW, there are more ways for guild members to contribute to Lunarfall by just playing the game together!

    As Lunarfall is UFP's presence in WoW, you will find that many members from guild may infact be CL1 and having CL1 clearance in teamspeak. This is fine and we ask you to treat all guild members with respect and as the members of community itself. If you do ever get any concern, please approach guild management with any issues.

    The following activities are what we plan to ramp up on and progress within the UFPlanets Community for WoW enthusiasts eventually other than raids:
    - Weekly Mythic / Mythic+ Dungeon Runs
    - Weekly Group Torghast runs
    - Transmog / Mount runs
    - Leveling of Alternate/New characters

    Note: We do lack event officers who will specifically host these activities as individual scheduled events, but on a weekly basis, we are already doing these activities as ad-hoc / on the go events. The best way to get involved in grouped activities right now is to ask on Guild Chat or Teamspeak.

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    Our raid group roster + progress can be found here :

    Raid Leader: Rattlehead
    Assistant Raid Leader: Sammygm

    Our raid timings are the following:
    • Fridays & Saturdays at UFP time 7PM.
    • Please ensure to 'Sign Up' on the in-game Calendar as well

    You have to express interest first and speak with either Rattlehead, Sammygm or me before showing up. You can do this by posting at our Raid Team Sign-up thread as well.

    We are trying to maintain a relaxed atmosphere during our raiding events and do not appreciate any sort of elitist attitudes. We do expect that all new members come with a good knowledge of their class and spec, but most importantly we ask for commitment. It is important that everybody turns up every week as this builds better communication and teamwork within the raiding group. Skipping raids every once in a while is fine as long as you let us know as soon as possible.

    Please also read and prepare yourself as mentioned in these threads;
    - Prepare your character for raiding
    - Castle Nathria Raid Guides + Addons

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    - For purpose of raiding we do have a raiding tab where our raiders can find potions, flasks and food crafted already.

    - For purpose of legendary crafting, Ecliipse is helping with the 190 item level umbrahide and Sammygm with missives. These may be costly and it's best to individually communicate with crafter personally and work an arrangement out.

    In-game Name (UFP Name) Professions
    Mackallan (Mack) Raid Disenchanter & Herbalism
    Yipkai (Nathlin) Alchemy & Herbalism
    Trollual Mining & Jewelcrafting
    Silanice (Th3trueLuke) Tailoring & Enchanting
    Palaven (Lazareth) Engineering & Inscription
    Naraeli (Sammygm) Alchemy, Inscription & Food
    Fangluin (Rattlehead) Mining & Jewelcrafting
    Eclíípse Leatherworking
    Aeorlon (Noram) Mining & Jewelcrafting

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    • The guild bank as of right now is mainly used for storing enchantments, potions, flask and food - as well as materials required to craft said items.
    • Guild members are free to donate whatever they wish.This will in-turn be used to craft enchanments, potions, flasks and food for guild members
    • The best way to contribute is to play the game together as a guild, as the guild gains gold for completing activities togethers such as raids, dungeons, PvP.

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    Click on the invite form link and an officer in Lunarfall will invite you as soon as possible :

    We invite you to join the WoW Guild even if you just want to experience the current Expansion in an atmosphere familiar to you and amongst UFP members alike. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me.

    Lunarfall Guild Management