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Starfleet Holodeck - Gaming Supervisor

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  1. Deputy Head of Gaming

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    Starfleet Holodeck - Gaming Supervisor
    CL4 - Tier 2 (Lieutenant)

    The Gaming Supervisor is CL4 position within the Holodeck Staff Team.

    As a gaming supervisor, you will take charge of the game you thoroughly enjoy and host it for the community. You will have every opportunity and support to promote your favorite game via hosting discussions and events for them. If your game requires a dedicated server - then this is something that should be brought up once we speak about this position.

    • Run events for members to participate in for Holodeck's supported games.
    • Host discussions on the game(s) of your choice
    • Write up after action reports of your succesfully hosted events
    • The successful candidate of this role would report to Mack & Sammygm

    • Exams: None
    • While not mandatory, willingness to use voice comms for sake of event organization
    • Good time keeping & Enthusiasm for the game of your choice
    • Is it a CL5 position? No
      PLEASE NOTE: If it is a CL5 position, the successful candidate will have to sign the Command Position Agreement before entering the role.

    Please apply using the Position Application Form.
    The position closes on 30 Apr 2021

    It will be nice to include which game you plan on hosting events and what experience you have in this game, as well as what kind of support you would expect from Holodeck Command Staff as well as your general plan to grow interest for the game of your choice within the community.

    TIP: While it is ultimately up to you how you format your application, please try to include your online volunteering history, any relevant real life experience that's applicable, why you decided to stick with the UFP, why you feel you're the best person for the role and how you think it will benefit you.