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Danre van Hulftoids - Log

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    ==USS Ares, Deck 2, Van Hulftoids’s quarters==

    (During USS Ares's transit from DS9 to Bajor IV)

    Danre was getting agitated. Since his father had left, wearing armor and gear that definitely had nothing to do with piloting a fighter or a shuttle but everything with protection against physical injury from high speed projectiles, he had been through several phases. First he’d tried to keep his mind from wandering and busy by working on some research project he’d started back on Utopia Planetia. This failed miserably, leading him into the second phase; imagining why his father was going on a mission that obviously required his skills from his career before he became a pilot. Trouble was that his father’s career before he became a pilot was also before Danre was born. Danre knew little about it and to this point hadn’t had any cause to want to know more than what his father had told him about it.

    He had told Danre that his father had become a soldier when he was relatively young and had been a soldier for a long time, serving in the marine core, rising from the lowest possible rank to the highest rank non-commissioned soldiers could reach. He had told Danre that he’d fought a lot in ground battles and that he’d been through some pretty bad times, which he’d rather not think about anymore. He’d said that all Danre needed to know that when he became a father his dad had already been a commissioned officer and out of the marine core for half a decade and a pilot for three years. When his father was faced with raising Danre alone he had requested and been given a transfer to a test pilot job on UP, and that Danre knew the rest.

    Danre hadn’t given it much further thought until the day before when he learned about the kidnapping thing, and his father being assigned to the rescue mission. Now though, he found that his lack of knowledge about his father’s past and the outfit he was in when he said goodbye earlier conspired with his creative mind to imagine ever increasingly worrying explainations and speculations.

    He decided that he’d better do something to prevent himself from driving himself crazy, and that he needed information and facts to replace the assumptions ans speculations that were running through his mind. He went over to his computer console and started the process to connect to the “Intellikids” again like he had before. He ran into a problem at the very first steps of the process though, finding out that the ship wasn’t connected to DS9’s physical network anymore. A look out the portal of their quarters confirmed that he had been so deep in thought that he hadn’t even noticed that the Ares had undocked and was moving. How had he not noticed?

    He noted that the ship wasn’t moving a warp, evidenced by the lack of the streaking stars that you always see when the ship is moving at faster than light speeds. He doubted the ship had been underway long enough for it to go to warp, travel a distance and then drop back out of warp without Danre noticing so he assumed they still had to be in or near the Bajoran system. Getting back at the computer he decided that this was as good a time as any to find out what the limits were of his computer authorizations and what he could find out within those limits.

    An hour later he had a pretty good idea of what he was allowed to do and know with his authorizations on the USS Ares’s local network and it wasn’t really all that much. He was allowed though to use the subspace links to connect to the nearest Starfleet hub and from there he had a little more “freedom”. Apparently the nearest hub was still that of DS9 and that was connected to the general Starfleet network as well as the Federation’s public networks. That meant that he was able to use his old UP credentials which someone must’ve neglected to deactivate, an oversight he was grateful for, at first. It didn’t take long to find out though that while the Ares wasn’t physically connected to a network hub like when it was docked at DS9 little or no information or data was being sent to Starfleet’s network and there were no active connections into Ares’s network which he could use to get more information.

    Just as he decided that he was going to use the connection from the Ares to the Starfleet network to tunnel a connection from the Starfleet network to the nodes he needed to hook him up with the Intellikids all connectivity was severed, even those to the Starfleet network. A message stating “Tactical Alert” flashed on Danre’s screen at the same moment the lighting in the room dimmed a bit and the replicator shut itself down.

    Using the limited authorizations he had on the local area network inside the Ares he learned that the ship’s location was near Bajor IV and that the ship had pretty much stopped moving. With a little out of the box thinking and rifling through the information he was able to access he was able to coax one single bit of data that was actually useful; Of the Ares’s many small craft it had in its arsenal one was currently logged as “active” and “External”.

    The ship’s computer also told Danre that his father was not on board the USS Ares at that moment, which meant that his father had left the ship on a shuttle at some point, most likely before the Ares had undocked and left DS9, with an unknown destination. Checking the regulations and protocolls for the use of auxillary vehicles like shuttles or worker bees Danre confirmed that under normal circumstances the planned destination and use of said vehicle had to be logged in the ship’s database along with the name of the officer responsible for the shuttle during it’s absence.

    The fact that in this case that information, or any information other than “active, external” for that matter, was absent told Danre that whatever his father was doing, and whoever he was doing it with, was classified even to the officers on the USS Ares not directly involved with the mission.

    Briefly the inner geek in Danre flared with pride and satisfaction when he realized that, even though to Danre it felt like he knew next to nothing about what was going on, he in fact knew more than almost anyone on the USS Ares. Danre knew that there had been a kidnapping of a diplomatic officer, that his father had been ordered on a mission because of his skills and or experience and that those had not been his father’s engineering or fighter pilot skills, he knew that a rescue mission had been in the planning and he’d put all those things together by the time his father kind of confirmed the obvious conclusions that could be drawn from the information when he came to say goodbye to Danre.

    When he added the fact that the Ares had suddenly left DS9 interrupting the refit work the Ares had been at DS9 for in the first place, the fact that the Ares hadn’t left the Bajor system, the fact that the shuttle had departed before the Ares had left DS9 and that information about that shuttle was classified and finally the fact that the Ares was now basicly motionless in orbit around Bajor IV actively disconnecting itself from any external connections Danre realized he knew far more than all non-starfleet people on the Ares and probably even most of the Starfleet crew members.

    A rescue mission to somewhere in the Bajor System had begun, with his father being involved, but failed to achieve its objective(s)in some way that required the USS Ares to undock and travel to where it was now, with as few people as possible knowing about it, and going to tactical alert. The pretty boring and general introductory briefing Danre had sat through the second day he and his father had been on the Ares had explained, among other things, that a Tactical Alert meant that though the ship wasn’t in any immediate danger, and no danger was expected, all the ship’s resources were now being made available to essential systems should anything occur that would require them.

    Just as all this was coalescing inside Danre’s mind though his thoughts were savagely interrupted by something that defenately did mean that the ship was in imminent danger. The red lighting and blaring sound of red alert.


    Name:  bar.png
Views: 29
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