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USS Renegade - NCC 25512 - Experimental testbed

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Josh Broughm, Sun 23 May, 2021 10:25 AM
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    USS Renegade - Experimental Testbed report
    This file is classified above top secret by Starfleet Command
    Name:  FAB-spacer-small.png
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    Ship Captain: William Storm
    Class Vessel: Walker class

    Name:  FAB-spacer-small.png
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    Weapons Technology - Developed by Memory Alpha R & D group.
    Electromagnetic Bullet - Made of solid Neodymium, this weapon is equipped with an EM charge and a targeting system. Designed to destabilize a ship's defensive shielding. Has the potential to disable a ship's warp capabilities.

    Advanced Quantum Torpedoes - Higher max yield & faster firing speed. Newly developed mounted turret track system, allowing more weapons coverage in certain situations.

    Single emitter, multi-vector phaser arrays - Can fire multiple beams from a single emitter, allowing better coverage for certain situations.

    Genesis Missile - INFORMATION RESTRICTED BY STARFLEET COMMAND. Currently not installed.

    Defensive & Stealth Technology - Developed by Memory Alpha R & D group.

    Subspace inversion cloak - The ship has the ability to create a subspace inversion to mask itself from an enemy ship's sensors with no emissions of any kind. The ship can travel at mid-warp levels without risk of detection.

    Regenerative shield emitters - When shield are raised, emitters will regen lost resiliency over a period of time, dependent on damaged taken.

    Propulsion technology - Developed by Memory Alpha R & D group.

    Co-axial warp cores - Dual warp cores installed to provide a constant power to the inversion cloak. Can also act as a secondary power plant in an emergency.

    Vectored Impulse Drive & Improved RCS Thrusters - Improved maneuverability in various situations.

    Other Neat Technology - Developed by Memory Alpha R & D group.

    Self-Replicating Hull - In critical parts of the ship, a plating replication system has been installed to help with expedient repair of any hull breaches that may arise.
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