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[Announcement] - SFA Community Survey Results - September 2021

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Enlistednut09, 3 Weeks Ago
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    SEPTEMBER 2021 APPROVAL: 100%(~%)
    JUNE 2021 APPROVAL: 100%


    Strongly Approve: 19%
    Approve: 19%
    Neutral: 62%
    Disapprove: 0%
    Strongly Disapprove: 0%

    New people always seem to get a warn welcome to the community.
    Enlistednut09 Thank you for noticing, we pride ourselves in welcoming personnel new and old to the Academy.

    Chris Wilkinson:I'm glad that you've noticed this. The team work hard to ensure that every new member is welcomed in as friendly a way as possible.

    William James sure won't be on my Starfleet exams.
    Enlistednut09 I’m with Chris on this one…

    Chris Wilkinson: I'm not entirely sure who William James is myself, I'm going to have to research this.

    While I really enjoy the streamline approach of the current SFA, I think there is a real issue with the rise in neutrality regarding how the Academy is run from the last number of surveys. My eyebrow would raise if I continue to see the Neutral percentage rise in how most people felt above 60%. Im a glass half full type of guy, but that is a large number of people who either don't want to rock the boat by disagreeing, don't care to answer because they haven't experienced the academy since they were accepted, or just dont care. I would hope that 60% of people on this site DO care. I would want to know really how those 60% of people really thought and if they wanted to speak candidly regarding the subject without fear of retribution. As far as suggestions on what could be done to aid in how SFA is ran? I think that more tests regarding information are needed and maybe instead of ranks more tags that people could wear proudly could be shown. Examples could be tests regarding fundematals of STO, Ares RP, and just about every other department on the forums. This way SFA could always be a haven for those who wished to get refreshed in how another department's responsibilities are covered. I think this would help energize SFA, and bring even long tenured members back to take a course in order to proudly wear a new bage for their particular department only earned by taking the course. With that being said I believe the current SFA is ran very professionally.
    Petrarch: Just to chime in quickly in regards to the exams, this is something that was on the agenda to take a look at and it still is to see what improvements, expansions etc can be made for the community. The suggestion of departmental stuff is not a bad one and it's something worth a bit of thought. To touch on the issue of neutrality, the survey feedback is anonymous with no record of who said what generated in any way and we encourage people to speak up and speak their minds on it, be it on the good or not so good side. We can't trace one comment back to a specific member any more than we could the next (unless they specifically choose to identify themselves) so I can assure you there is no fear of retribution hanging over this process.

    Enlistednut09: Thank you for taking the time to write a thought out response. As both Petrarch and Chris I believe would echo; all three of us are available and willing to sit down with anyone in the community for a discussion in regards to adding or changing things. I don’t believe that any of us would ever retaliate against any individual within the UFP, especially over suggested improvements.

    I’m sure that for some it can be intimidating to PM someone out of the blue in regards to changes in the way something is being done, however I do want to put out that I am always available to talk through things and to have a discussion. I will add something that has helped me in my professional life and worked quite well that if an individual has an issue with a certain process or procedure that they bring the issue to the attention of those higher up and offer a suggestion on a different way of doing things that may not have been thought about previously. It can be much easier to talk through a process change if you have a solution to the issue.

    I understand your thoughts behind an increase of a neutral response and I agree that currently the Academy does not have a broader reach within the UFP beyond initial welcoming of new and returning members. As Petrarch mentioned we have been looking at additional ways to provide service as a whole and Chris and I will put our heads together to include any suggestions that any member of the UFP may have.

    As Chris mentioned there were numerous exams in the past that were for each division and were required to be passed prior to assuming roles within those divisions. At the time these exams were outdated and were not providing a value added service to the community. I personally believe that we can come up with a training plan in concert with other divisions that do not focus on being mandatory.

    Chris Wilkinson: Firstly I'd like to thank you for your feedback and I always welcome feedback both positive, negative or neutral and I would hope members would be comfortable sending me a PM so we can address any concerns.

    In the past there were exams for each of the divisions and departments with an accompanying course so that members looking to take roles had to pass these. It would be good to try and get more people engaged with the Academy and I have been looking at whether there is a way to implement something like this again. However, the last thing I'd want to do is restrict who can volunteer as they don't have X, Y and Z required exams for that specific area.

    The idea of having some kind of tag/badge for passing these instead of rank increases such as we have right now with the 3 exams is an interesting one, although this is something that could be looked into as part of an exam refresh.

    I am glad that you feel that we are running the Academy professionally however.

    Where's my diploma???
    Enlistednut09 The Subspace Transceiver was down previously, please bear with us.

    Chris Wilkinson: We did send that out by subspace, haven't you received it yet?

    Big, Strong, Wow!
    Enlistednut09 Thank you!

    Chris Wilkinson: An excellent feedback.

    Keep up the good work.
    Enlistednut09 Thank you, the team works tirelessly every day to ensure things are operating like a well oiled machine.

    Chris Wilkinson: Thanks, the Academy team have worked hard over the past few months and while I can't speak for everyone, it's great to get this kind of feedback.

    Although very streamlined and efficient, it feels a bit impersonal. Just a feeling.
    Enlistednut09 Thank you but I always believe we can do better and Chris and I would love to hear your thoughts.

    Chris Wilkinson: I'm sorry to hear that you feel the Academy is quite impersonal, if you could send me a PM to give me some idea of why it felt like this, I can look into it further.

    Would like to see some officer training courses appear, or ways that are non-gaming to advance ones rank.
    Enlistednut09 As mentioned this is something that we are looking at with intense interest. We are always looking at how we can be involved with the larger UFP community.

    Chris Wilkinson: As mentioned before, this is something we've had in the past and is something I've been planning to have a look into again. With regards to rank increases, gaming isn't the only way to improve this. All of the CL4, 5 and 6 can put a member forward for a promotion during the quarterly UFPAC's.

    Nothing to complain.
    Enlistednut09 Outstanding!

    Chris Wilkinson: That's always good to hear Smile
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    Great answers to every feedback question.

    Well done SFA!!!
    Kiflin Visk't