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Academy News [18 October 2021]

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Chris Wilkinson, Mon 18 Oct, 2021 12:02 PM
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    Greetings All! Welcome to the tenth edition of the 2021 Academy News! I am Chris Wilkinson, Executive Officer of Starfleet Academy. This newsletter is an initiative from the Academy that is intended to keep you abreast of the latest news from across the United Federation of Planets.

    We welcome the following new members who have joined (or re-joined) the UFP since the last edition:
    • Araliane
    • JJ2078
    • Sthom_1968
    • naigerrard
    • Polie
    • lordnelson89
    • Cam3252
    • Asaph
    • timetofail
    • deathskill994
    • blingdenston
    • deGray
    • jammers195
    • KumquatMan
    • usagimotoko
    • kevin0208
    • MikeCammer
    • Oracle712
    • jfrenchnd#6922
    • mgrapentin1701

    • FEO Changes:
      (From the Fleet Admiral Three of Seven)
      Jonathan is being appointed as Vice Fleet Admiral, and moving up to his place as Head of Community Administration is Saelanna, we welcome her into FEO with open arms! I believe I can speak on behalf of all of FEO in saying that we look forward to working with her, and seeing what she can bring.
    • New STO Personnel Officer:
      (From the STO Executive Officer Jestersmith)
      Brunocsf has stepped up to join the Personnel team he is someone who is fairly new to UFP having joined UFP in February this year. We thank him for volunteering for the role and look forward to working with him.
      The UFP would not be the place it is today without our volunteers who selflessly sacrifice their time to help out. Check out the currently open volunteer positions, and how to apply for one, here. If you don't find something there that aligns with your interests, you can always fill out the volunteer interest form to express your desire for something specific to help our community grow. Use the bottom section of the form for that and make sure you treat it just as importantly as an application for an open position. Put in as many details as possible and thank you for your interest!

    The United Federation of Planets has a good number of events coming up! You can sign up for any of these events here:
    • R.A.F - Red Alert Friday:
      On Friday the 22nd of October at 2000 BST/UFP; Special OPS Commander Miles: Greetings Captains and Welcome to Red Alert Friday!

      This event is open to everybody to have fun, but most of all destroy our enemies!

      What we can do:
      TFO runs (Advanced or Elite)
      Patrol runs
      Discuss about builds and game's additions/features

      LLAP / QAPLA'
      On Saturday the 23rd of October at 2000 BST/UFP; Special Ops Commander Phoenix: Greetings members! Welcome to Special Operations Saturday!

      This event is now hosted by Special OPS Commanders: Pedigo, Miles, Phoenix and Hektu.

      This is event is open everybody to have some fun and hang out with fleet mates!

      This is what we typically get up to:
      Any TFO requested by attendees
      Accolade hunting
      Build Advice
      Elite content runs for some extra challenge!

      So, come along and hangout with us! We'd love to see you there

    Our Federation News Service has a number of dedicated writers who've written the following articles for you to read. They're always a great read.
    • Space Perspective Offers 'Balloon Travel' Into The Atmosphere by Silek: One company is finding their space in this new industry by offering a downscaled experience. You can read it here.

    Thanks for reading and we’ll see you around the galaxy! Live Long and Prosper
    ChrisWilkinson Medals