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[Themed Event] - Tango Delta 4

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Miles, Sun 27 Feb, 2022 7:10 AM
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    STO 240

    sto sfo sep

    STO Division Themed Event
    Tango Delta 4

    Greetings Captains!

    Welcome to another Special Forces Themed Event.

    Military Alphabet: “Tango Delta (target down): the enemy is eliminated”

    A warrior is proven in the field with any weapon he can have; and many times, this is not the best. Time to show our foes that we can fly with anything and still be a formidable opponent.

    You can view the event page by clicking HERE
    The event will take place Fri 11 March 2022 @8:00 PM UFP Time

    Important Information
    *KDF and other aligned characters are welcome (Romulan, Jem’hadar)

    Ship Restrictions
    Tier 4 ships only; for a list check here

    Weapon Restrictions
    No restrictions. Recommendation to use faction specific weapons.

    Live long and prosper / Bring glory to your House
    Miles Medals