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March FEO and Website Feedback

Started By:
Three of Seven, Thu 31 Mar, 2022 12:44 PM
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    Here is the feedback from the March roll call survery for you to read! Sorry that the December one did not come out, it was a very busy month for myself, and other members of FEO with so many other changes going on in the background. This is not an excuse, we should have done better to get the survey out, and I can only offer my apologies for this.

    I would like to now distract you from this by pointing at something else, she said in her internal dialog, not aware she was writing this. Pedigo has completed a feature we are sure you will enjoy, especially those of you who like a bit of roleplaying! If you head over to My UFP -> Positions you can now see that you can change the displayed rank on your profile!

    There will be more features coming soon, so keep any eye out on annoucements! We have a pretty big change coming!

    FEO March Approval Rating: 98%

    Strongly Approve: 21%
    Approve: 17%
    Neutral: 62%
    Disapprove: 0%
    Strongly Disapprove: 2%

    Keep up the great work all of you guys are doing for our community! Smile
    Three of Seven: Thank you! We couldn't do it without the members, and the amazing volunteers, as well as those who donate to keep the community going! It's a team effort!

    Petrarch: Cheers! As Three says though, we're just one more cog in the machine that keeps things running and it's down to everyone in the community that the UFP is what it is!

    Saelanna: Thank you! We would be nothing without the support of the UFP's volunteers and the wider community.

    Jordan: Thanks!

    I am new in this community, i love the way things has been arranged within the UFP Community.
    Three of Seven: Welcome to the community! Hope you are finding everything you need, and get in touch with someone if you are having issues.

    Petrarch: Welcome aboard! Pull up a chair, find a spot by the fire and have fun!

    Saelanna: Welcome to the UFP!

    They stopped sharing the cookies, who is to blame
    Three of Seven: You are more than welcome to share your cookies, but I wouldn't recommend it, a lot of data in those cookies.

    Petrarch: Someone reprogrammed the replicators, so we had to start handing out Digestive biscuits instead.

    Saelanna: Personally I prefer ginger biscuits...

    This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. If this had been a real emergency, you'd be dead right now.
    Three of Seven: Negative, we will adapt.

    Petrarch: Sorry, my alarm didn't go off so I missed the test.

    Saelanna: Thankfully it was only a test...

    Random comment of strong approval
    Three of Seven: Random reply of strong thanks!

    Petrarch: Random acknowledgement of appreciation!

    Saelanna: I randomly thank you!

    All those working in the Federation Executive Office should all each get a nice warm cookie
    Three of Seven: Just one?

    Petrarch: I'd rather have a rice krispie bun instead.

    Saelanna: Can I have gin?

    running the community into the dirt. cronyism and self-serving. unprofessional.
    Three of Seven: Seems like you have a serious concern, you are welcome to make that on the survey of course, however I would like to address any specific concerns in private, so feel free to drop me a message to work on resolving this matter. I do not believe this community is being run into the dirt, we are all doing the best that we can, and as for cronysim, that is an accusation I will strongly contest. We do not make appointments based on who you know, they are based on ability, and fit.

    I'm not going to go into detail as to why certain people were picked, and others not. It's also a decision I make with the rest of FEO as to who to bring in. Trusted roles also require getting to know a person first, finally, the role of Fleet Admiral is one that all of CL6, and CL5 get a say on through a yearly election. This did not happen prior to my era of FEO, and it gives more control to the department leaders.

    Finally, I'll address the point I agree on, I am very unprofessional, but that's because I have no interest in running this community like a business, I also enjoy having fun like everyone else, and finally, I don't get paid to do this as a profession. I do feel I am usually respectful, polite, and I do take member interests seriously. So that about wraps it up, thank you for your comment, I look forward to you reaching out to me in private to go into more detail!

    Petrarch: I resent the insinuation that we're self-serving. The job of FEO is very often a thankless one and none of us are in it for the kudos or whatever else, we do it to try and make the community a safe, fun and better place for everyone. The fact our names are in orange doesn't automatically demand that we expect everyone to respect us without question - like any other role, we have to earn that from others, we don't assume it just comes with the job. And on the topic of job, we're all volunteers and unpaid so while there is a certain degree of professionalism and conduct maintained where it's needed, we're not dressed in sharp suits with a matching snappy tie, because there's just no need for it and we join in with the fun too.

    FEO works collaboratively to reach a majority decision on matters that cannot be actioned by one individual - and we only rarely reach a unanimous verdict. Sometimes I'm in the minority, sometimes Three is and so on. We sometimes make mistakes, we disagree, but we're never sitting here scratching each other's backs and looking the other way to plant things 6 feet under the ground.

    The feedback is entirely anonymous and that's so everyone can speak freely, but one pitfall of that approach is that it does leave the various sections open to often receiving false accusations or insulting attacks and that makes it difficult sometimes to tell if it's a genuine issue being raised or just someone who has an axe to grind. If you have a genuine concern then I'll echo the comment about contacting Three to discuss the matter in further detail, or the doors of the other FEO members are open too if you'd prefer to reach out to someone else.

    Saelanna: This isn't the first time this sort of comment has been levelled at the FEO via the community survey. Unfortunately, because you have chosen not to reach out to us with something more specific than an anonymous and vague accusation of cronyism there's not really a lot I can add to the comments that Three and Petrarch have already made. I encourage you to make contact with us and let us know why you feel this way; how can we improve without being given something more concrete to act on?

    Three of Seven: Thanks Archer.

    Website March Approval Rating: 99%

    Strongly Approve: 23%
    Approve: 16%
    Neutral: 61%
    Disapprove: 0%
    Strongly Disapprove: 1%

    I strongly Approve the qualities and expectations of our Website for ease of use
    easy peasy lemon squeezy
    This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. If this had been a real emergency, you'd be dead right now.
    Random comment of strong approval
    Can the site buttons go boop when pressed?
    Three of Seven: That is probably somewhere on the list, after making the website pink.

    Petrarch: For the safety (and sanity) of everyone involved, I've destroyed the list this evening.

    Jordan: Beep boop. That can go on the to-do list!

    Come on it is AMAZING!!!!!
    Jordan: Thanks!