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    Ch.1 - From the Darkness

    Year - 2411

    It was summer At Hogwatrs School of Witchcraft & Wizardry and the castle was empty, save from the castle's caretaker, Rendal McCormack. Pushing a mop about the unusually empty great hall, he was cleaning up for a very important meeting. Suddenly, a rather tall wizard appeared into existence. "Evening Ren," said the Wizard, "How are preparations going?"

    Ren snorted, "Long and very difficult, even with magic. Why is the confederation meeting here and not in London?"

    The tall wizard said grimly, "Far too risky. Can you set up the benches?"

    Ren nodded and waved his wand over his head. In an instant, five benches on each side appeared with a loud clatter. "Job done, sir." Ren grumbled, then stumped out, mumbling, "I hate Politics."

    The tall wizard made a gold stepped platform in the middle of the hall, then sighed. "Fate of our world in the balance."

    About three minutes later, wizards and witches started to apparate into the entrance hall. A short, slender witch in a brilliant purple dress, holding a beaded handbag came in first. "I take it the others haven't arrived yet?" She said.

    The tall wizard smiled at her and said, "You are the first, Chief Malfoy." She was a part of one of the longest living pureblood families in England & it was by sheer luck they survived this long. "Samantha," The wizard said kindly, "Do you think this vote will succeed?"

    Samantha pondered the question a bit, then said, "For the sake of our kind, it must."

    Just then, several more witches and wizards popped in, entered the hall and sat on one of the sets of benches. After about twenty minutes, both sides were filled with thirty witches and wizards, each carrying a piece of parchment. It was clear this meeting was going to be short, but very painful.

    Samantha took her bejewled witches hat off and spoke plainly. "This is likely going to be the shortest International confederation of wizards meeting we've ever had. I take it everyone has their votes on parchment?" A murmur of agreement was heard.

    She then waved her wand and sixty pieces of parchment flew from the benches, landing on a small table that just appeared next to Samantha. She nodded to the tall wizard. "This vote is to determine whether the International statute of secrecy should be abolished. All constituents of the confederation were advised of the vote and had discussed the issues, leading up to the vote. Several extremely close calls over twenty years and one major violation, albeit an accident, lead to discussion on how we can move forward. Madame Malfoy, may i proceed with the tabulation?"

    She curtly nodded. The wizard made a chair appear at the table and promptly sat down. He then started to go through the sixty pieces of parchment. One pile started to grow taller and taller. He looked up at Samantha and said, "I've never seen a vote so one sided."

    Samantha sighed and said, "I didn't see this coming." She straightened up and said, "The results are sixty for, to zero against for abolishment, the motion passes." A loud of murmur of talk broke out amongst the witched and wizards. "Now that the statute is dissolved," She said curtly, "how do we proceed with revealing ourselves?"

    One of the witches stood and said, "There is three of our kind in Starfleet, why don't we ask them?"
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