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[Announcement] - SFA June 2022 Community Survey Results

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Sunfire, Tue 30 Aug, 2022 6:56 AM
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    SFA 240



    JUNE 2022 APPROVAL: 100%(~%)
    MARCH 2021 APPROVAL: 100%


    Strongly Approve: 19%
    Approve: 13%
    Neutral: 68%
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    SFA is running smoothly. Keep up the good work!
    Saelanna: Kudos to the Academy volunteers for that!

    Sunfire: Thank you, that's the idea!

    Saelanna: Every new member will be taken under the wing of a member of the Academy during their initial two weeks with the community. While you may not see their activities regularly if you are an established member of the community, I can assure you they are working tirelessly to welcome and support new members as well as representing the UFP on external platforms.

    Sunfire: Starfleet Academy. You know, the guys who welcome new members and show them the ropes of our community. But I get your point, we are not really involved with the established member base as our duties specifically involve around new community members.

    Really like it.
    Saelanna: Thanks Smile

    Sunfire: Thank you!

    I would like to see some courses that would be theoretically similar to the Academies actual courses. Like a "futures" class teaching some Star Trek History as it relates to ST Canon as is currently known.
    Saelanna: This is certainly something we can look into.

    Sunfire: That is an interesting idea, thanks for the input!

    Random comment of strong approval
    Saelanna: Cheers!

    Sunfire: Random comment of thanks!

    New members seem to be welcomed quickly and get involved in the community. Keep up the good work.
    Saelanna: The Academy team as a whole does a great job of welcoming and supporting our new recruits.

    Sunfire: Thank you, the team does it's best to work quickly and efficiently!

    Always happy to read the article updates and would like to continue to see more of them, What happened to this idea?
    Saelanna: RL has been very busy but be assured that the Academy News will be returning!

    Sunfire: We are fully committed to bring back the monthly Academy newsletter, unfortunately due to RL issues beyond out control this has been easy to do so far. But we'll do better!

    It good
    Saelanna: It certainly is!

    Sunfire: Excellent, thank you!

    EnlistedNut, Sunfire and Tim are doing a great job in the command team with a clear view, and the RSO's are welcoming new members effectively
    Saelanna: They certainly do a great job!

    Sunfire: That is very good to hear and appreciated, thanks! It's a team effort after all Smile
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    EnlistedNut, Sunfire and Tim are doing a great job in the command team with a clear view, and the RSO's are welcoming new members effectively
    I see my name popping up here and would like to thank you for you mentioning us as a good team. We try to do our best.

    For the rest of the comments, thanks for all of your positivefeedback!
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