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[Archived] - December 2022 Survey Results for ARES RP Project

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Kiflin, Sun 05 Feb, 2023 3:06 AM
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    ARP 240? t=1663929096

    Happy February folks from the ARES Command team! Here is our collective feedback and percentage recordings for the 2022 December Survey. We hope you enjoy our replies as always thanks for your patience, and we are ready to keep moving our story forward now that we are in 2023!


    Strongly Approve: 16%
    Approve: 10%
    Neutral: 74%
    Disapprove: 0%
    Strongly Disapprove: 0%

    Enjoying the new Ares! I think I might sign up after the holidays.
    Nesta - We’d be happy to have you! Feel free to get in touch with any one of the Ares RP staff so that we can help you get settled.

    Kiflin - We will be waiting for you! Being apart of the Bridge Crew on the Fearless can put you in position to one day become Captain of your own Vessel with other player characters apart of your bridge crew. The full weight of being a Captain can now be experienced by those who meet the challenges successfully within the ARES Roleplay Project!!

    Random comment of strong approval
    Nesta - Random reply of great appreciation.

    Kiflin - *salutes*

    Nesta - The Ares Roleplay Project, part of the Community Gaming division, is the text-based roleplaying branch of the UFP. We are the part of the UFP that allows you to step into the Star Trek universe itself as part of an ever-evolving, player-driven story (which you can read here) and is currently centred around the crew of the USS Fearless. I’d be happy to provide more information if you’d like to reach out to me via a private message, perhaps we can even get you involved!

    Kiflin - Ares Roleplay Project that's what! Smile

    Merry Christmas!
    Nesta - Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

    Kiflin - Merry Christmas to you and Happy Near Year!

    Easy to see the effort put in by the ARES leadership and staff. Sad to see people drop. Seems to be a bigger issue overall outside this department
    Nesta - All things have their ups and downs, it’s how it goes. And some have more than others. Nevertheless, I am certain that Ares will continue to prosper and grow.

    Kiflin - Given the Covid Virus, War in Ukraine, and inflation around the world it's our challenge to keep people interested and participating. Anyone that has been continuously roleplaying in ARES RP, or within any other department within UFP these past 3 years despite all of these distractions has my personal respect, and admiration!

    Nesta - Word.

    Kiflin - Whoever posted this made this old man feel good. Haven't heard this in years...

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