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Academy News [November 14, 2023]

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AlexRider, 2 Weeks Ago
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    sfa banner 2017

    Greetings all!

    Welcome to 2023's November edition of the Academy News! I am Commodore AlexRider, SFA Deputy Commandant. This newsletter is an Academy's initiative in order to keep you abreast of the latest news from across the United Federation of Planets.

    We welcome the following new members who have joined (or re-joined) the UFP last and this month:

    • tfirebeard
    • canuk99
    • ShadoMagi
    • KaiyokoChaos
    • GrafZeppelin
    • inseeisyou
    • miahmagick
    • Hayde
    • Generator
    • Futurekilled
    • WillRueka
    • Gooberette

    Welcome (back) aboard, crewmen!

    • New Personnel Officer:
      (From the STO Executive Officer Admiral Jestersmith):

      Lieutenant Necronin has stepped up to join the Personnel team. He joined UFP in 2018 and served the community previously as an RSO during that time. This is his first time stepping forward for STO, so we thank him for stepping forward and helping out within the UFP.

    • New SpecOps Commander:
      (From the STO Executive Officer Admiral Jestersmith):

      Despite already being a very active member within the community, Commodore Remsus is now a part of the Special Ops team, serving as a valuable resource for providing assistance when needed.
      He will be working alongside our current Spec Ops Hosts and will have the official title and access required to assist on an as-needed basis. We extend our gratitude to Remsus for volunteering and eagerly anticipate working together.

      Thank you for your continued support and contributions to our community.

    • New Global Moderator:
      (From the Head of Community Administration Admiral KerryMalone):

      Following on from my capture into servitude, there was a vacancy within the Global Moderator team, as I had held the role for several years.

      I am delighted to announce therefore that Admiral Jonathan has agreed to become a Global Moderator from his retirement home. As an incredibly experienced moderator, he brings a mountain of experience to the role as well as a degree of sass as well.

      Please join me in welcoming Jonathan back to FAB.

    • New STO Quartermaster:
      (From the STO Executive Officer Admiral Jestersmith):

      Please join me in congratulating the following new staff member to the team: Admiral T'Tan.

      Quartermaster/Orion Syndicate Trader

      T'Tan has stepped up to join the Quartermaster/Orion Syndicate Trader team. He joined UFP in 2016 and served the community previously in multiple roles SFA CO, RSO, and Personnel Officer during that time. Having worn many hats he brings a wealth of experience to the team, so we thank him for stepping forward and helping out within the UFP.

      The UFP would not be the place it is today without our volunteers who selflessly sacrifice their time to help out. Check out the currently open volunteer positions, and how to apply for one, HERE. If you don't find something there that aligns with your interests, you can always fill out the volunteer interest form to express your desire for something specific to help our community grow. Use the bottom section of the form for that and make sure you treat it just as importantly as an application for an open position. Put in as many details as possible and thank you for your interest!

    The United Federation of Planets has a good number of events coming up! You can sign up for any of these events HERE. Events are for STO as well as Holodeck games that are not Star Trek related. Here are some examples of upcoming events:

    • World of Warcraft: Amirdassil:
      On Friday, November 17th, at 5 PM GMT; Gaming Supervisor Real Admiral Rattlehead:

      We take on Dragonflight's third and last raid, Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope!

    • Star Trek Online: Special Ops Saturday:
      On Saturday, November 18th, at 7 PM GMT; Star Trek Online Crewman Ensign Phoenix:

      Greetings members! Welcome to Special Operations Saturday!

      This event is now hosted by Special OPS Commanders: Pedigo, Miles, Phoenix and Hektu.

      This is event is open everybody to have some fun and hang out with fleet mates!

      This is what we typically get up to:
      Any TFO requested by attendees
      Accolade hunting
      Build Advice
      Elite content runs for some extra challenge!

      So, come along and hangout with us! We'd love to see you there

    • Star Wars The Old Republic - Flashpoints:
      On Sunday, November 19th, at 12 PM GMT; SFHolo Commanding Officer Admiral ChrisWilkinson:

      Greetings fellow Champions!

      Tonight we perform one or more dangerous missions to aid the Galaxy in it's glorious fight!
      How many missions is determined by the galaxy's most wealthy, as they send urgent requests for help from all corners of the galaxy.
      We may be up against members of the Hutt Cartels, smugglers, pirates, or a large faction such as the Republic or Empire!
      It is hoped that all attending will make it back in one piece, but as ever - last messages to loved ones will be passed across should you fall in battle.

      This event will be either Republic or Imperial based depending on what characters we wish to play on the night.

    Our Federation News Service has a number of dedicated writers who are writing articles on a regular basis for you to read. Here are some examples of recently published works:

    • OSIRIS-REx - The mission to touch creation by Captain Woorlord:
      OSIRIS-REx is the first mission led by the United States to collect and return a sample from the surface of an asteroid. You can read the article here.

    • UFP Stella Cartography November 2023 by Captain Woorlord:
      This month, we focus on an early winter sky object in the northern hemisphere, the Pleiades. Enjoy reading this article here.

    • The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence by Commodore AlexRider:
      Since its inception, S.E.T.I. has continuously pushed the boundaries of scientific inquiry and technological innovation. Read more about it here.

    So far, so good. I hope you you've enjoyed this month's newsletter. Next time we meet again it'll be December and we will be probably singing and listening to Christmas songs. Hohoho! Live Long and Prosper

    Commodore AlexRider
    SFA Deputy Commandant
    Recruitment Coordinator
    FNS Staff Writer
    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...

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