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Draxton, 1 Week Ago
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    Personal Log, Stardate 77346.7 ( November 18, 2023 )

    Draxton here, I only just discovered this community today, (shamefully I might add); while scrolling Facebook. I'm not sure why it took me so long to think about seeking out other like minded citizens of the Federation. Truthfully, I hope someday Earth, Humanity and other civilizations do actually create what we hold in our hearts as the single greatest collection of planetary sovereignties. Coming together in common goal of survival, success, and growth and its principles of freedom are truly where our unique home, our planet needs to strive to achieve as we know it does in the Federation.

    I hope sometime in the future there will be a day when our ancestors will look back at the beginning of the idea of the Federation and smile to themselves. The idea which sprouted from a television show created an interstellar movement and way of life. Or at least that's the dream I hold.

    Wouldn't it be simply amazing to have the foreknowledge that what we do here today really does make way for what is to become in the future? A place for everyone, every species, society, and planet in the Federation.