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  • “ I in no way or form have insulted your financial issues and didn't care what you was earning or spending, i simply said save up for the pack, if you can't then fine, you can't save not everyone can save, you are trying to tell me am insulting you for telling you to save even though before hand i... ”
  • “ Alright those are fair points, the full price of the bundles is unfair and I'll be honest disrespectful to its fans to ask 33k zen. Unfortunately this is what happens with unchecked capitalism, mo money mo better. Again as I said in my last post, I understand why people are upset at the prices... ”
  • “ It's not the price. That 19k price is temporary for a few weeks, then it will be 33k.

    And to be totally honest with you, telling me to save up is quite frankly insulting.

    I'm a security guard, I get paid $16.50 an hour to ensure the safety and security of a multi-million dollar educational... ”
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    “ Wow, let the writing begin! Good luck to all in your new position and congratulations! Congrats
  • “ But 19K is the price and we don't know how long the sale is...if you can't afford it this month on your paycheck save up and buy the 27.6k zen then that extra 3k zen ”
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    “ I remember buying the first one at release. At the time it was something new, and being such a fan of Sim City, I was a Maxis fan anyways. Wasn't to happy when EA got involved. ”
  • “ But it won't be 19K for very long. I'll be 33k in short order.

    yes, I agree, 19k is a fair price. More than fare even, and I wouldn't be upset if that was the price, but it's not, which makes any defence of the sale price effectively moot in my eyes, because what PWE is doing is effing rotten... ”
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  • “ No, it's not fair.

    A good majority of people who have been playing for a while most likely have all the ships previously. While for new players, this could be fair as it saves them fair bit of purchasing.

    If anything, for those who had the previous ships and skins and what not - we should get... ”
  • “ THIS is the issue.

    They have effectively said to a massive proportion of their players/customers "pay this massive price or you're sh** out of luck, and have a good anniversary"
    It's insulting to be perfectly honest and clearly done intentionally to try and grab some cash.

    Some people will... ”
  • “ Sadly I have to disagree with you Aceman, I think you are missing something important that while yes the bundles are incredibly expensive, the premium bundle is not worth the money as its bloated with pointless consumables. The normal pack however is fairly priced considering you get ALL the... ”
  • “ I work full time, 40 hours a week, 80 hours a cheque, and 33,000 zen is HALF my paycheque. That's the equivalent of me putting up with drunken college students for 40 hours. It is not worth that.

    To buy all the ships in the Delta Rising Pack would cost 27,000, pack price 15,000
    To buy all the... ”
  • “ I think the price issue is more that it's a massive amount in one go.

    I've probably spent that much over my time playing STO, many people will have spent more. But I suspect many will have done it like me, over a long period.
    Asking players to dump the equivalent of a whole month's rent or car... ”
  • “ See while I agree with you the thing is though they then should be considering a discount like they do on the newer bundles like gamma one that they did so on if you owned the starter pack already.

    The price is good overall if you don't have any them but then some people have some others have... ”
  • “ To buy all the Zen ships with the consoles in this pack would cost 33,000 zen for all them ships and yes maybe you have them all, but some people don't this pack would get them all the ship consoles, ship costumes and would be able to fly the T6 ships on a new toon so the ship could be used... ”
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    Greetings fellow Generals! ”
  • “ Agreed.

    The lockbox ships are no different mechanically to any other T6 vessel; they perform no better in most player's hands. So in terms of performance, what they cost to create (i'd argue even less than the normal ships actually as they rarely have any tailoring options!) etc. they really are... ”
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    “ Had to cancel because I'm working, sorry! ”
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    “ Had to cancel because I'm working, sorry! ”
  • “ I own every Sovereign (even the Attack Wing exclusive), Every Defiant, Every Intrepid, Every Galaxy. I also own about 90% of the T1-5 ships on the Fed side as well. So the incentive to buy the big pack for the other consoles is pretty low since I already own them. Even if the pack was 15,000 zen,... ”