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Clearance Levels

The UFPlanets community operates a clearance based permissions scheme with privileges.

Clearance levels are used throughout all aspects of the UFP to denote the level of access each member of the community has. Depending on the level of access granted to our volunteer staff, their clearance level changes accordingly. The responsibilities and expectations placed on members directly relates to their given clearance level. Each clearance level has a respective colour assigned to it, to make it quick and simple to deduce the clearance level of any member of the community.

Clearance Level Six - Federation Executive Office

The Federation Executive Office consists of the leading figures in the community. The Joint Head’s of Technical Services, the Head of Member Experience, the Head of Community Administration and the Overall Head of This group has a great degree of access across the entirety of the UFP and they use this access to improve the community through various projects and content updates. As the primary administrative group present within the community, these members have both the highest clearance level and responsibility. Entry into this clearance level requires a majority vote from its existing members, as well as a great deal of time invested into the community over an extended period of time.

Clearance Level Five - Starfleet Command

Starfleet Command represents the command staff of UFPlanets. All commanding and executive officers are automatically granted access to Starfleet Command and receive a great deal of trust. Due to the trust and responsibilities that come with commanding a division and leading staff, these members receive clearance level five access. Great access on the forums and wider permissions on TeamSpeak are general examples of the privileges granted to CL5 members. Entry into this clearance level requires that one successfully applies for an open leadership position and has completed all necessary assessments. It is important to note that only one CL5 position can be held at any given time.

Clearance Level Four - High Clearance

Amongst all voluntary staff here at the UFP, the CL4 members are the most numerous. High Clearance volunteers can be found in both administrative and gaming areas of the community. Members of this clearance level are ultimately answerable to their respective CO and XO. As a member of staff at operating at this level, one can expect notably greater permissions and access than a standard member of the community. These permissions allow CL4 staff to operate within the confines of their division or department. Entry into this clearance level requires applying for any standard position within the community and volunteering your time on a regular basis. Members are welcome to hold more than one High Clearance position, assuming they can still perform their duties adequately.

Clearance Level Three - Member Clearance

All members of the community who have gone through the initial application process are granted this clearance level. CL3 grants members standard access to all features and services available at the UFP. Those with Member Clearance are, for the most part, active members who engage with the community and can be spotted on the forums relatively often.

Clearance Level Three - Veteran Member

Veteran Members are long standing members of the community who have, for any number of reasons, have to stand down from their positions in the community. Members of this group have usually committed a great deal of their time to the community and have truly had a positive impact during their stay here. As such, Veteran Members can be reinstated with their full history, rank and medals should they one day be able to return.

Clearance Level Two - External Representative

Clearance level two is granted to individuals who represent any external organisation or external fleet who is a part of the UFPlanets STO Armada. Members of this clearance level are representatives who are welcome to engage with UFP members on the forums. This access also allows them to better represent their communities as members of the Armada Delegates Assembly.

Clearance Level One - Federation Citizen

This clearance level is intended for visitors to the UFP who have not put in an application and who are not necessarily active members of the community. As such, access to the forums, services and features of UFPlanets are extremely limited for this group.

Clearance Level Zero - Banned User

This clearance has absolutely no access to UFPlanets services. Individuals belonging to this particular group have had their participation within the community suspended indefinitely by order of the Federation Executive Office. Falling into this group usual means that one has persistently broken the Code of Conduct and has displayed behaviour which has been deemed unacceptable for a member of this community.