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How to contact UFPlanets for any media enquiries


A brief overview of the UFPlanets community is a Star Trek community, with a large portion of the membership taking part in gaming. Primary focus in the past has been solely on Star Trek games, however in recent years, the community has expanding into other multiplayer games, creating a wider online presence.

The news service, FNS, provides news topics to the wider membership on a number of topics, which are not limited to Star Trek, we cover general sci-fi news and other games as well, which might be of interest to the community. We try to keep a broad range of subjects in our news, which is a reflection of our community.

All of our writing and editorial staff are volunteers for the community, who write for their own enjoyment, but we always make all reasonable efforts to ensure that we maintain a respectable standard of writing, and factual content.


Who you need to get in touch with

For interviews or partnership, contact Rena Hobden (Three of Seven) -

For general press enquires, or to send a press release you would like us to cover, contact