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Volunteer Positions

On this page, you will find a list of all positions in each department and division, with a description of what duties that role carries out.

If you still have questions about a role, you can contact the Commanding Officer or Executive Officer responsible for that area to find out more. Below you will also find the link to open positions and the form to register interest in a position, should you see something you like.

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Roles within the Federation Administrative Bureau (FAB)

Global Moderator (Tier 3)

Responsible for fairly policing the forums of the UFP, and ensuring content is up-to-date.

Graphics Team Member (Tier 2)

Responsible for creating member signatures and other general graphics work.

Roles within the Federation News Service (FNS)

Federation News Service Executive Officer (Tier 4)

Leads and supervises the management of the Federation News Service & Day-to-Day Management.

Lead Editor (Tier 3+)

In the absence of an Executive Officer, this will be the CL4 Supervisor equivalent of the above. Will not be used in tandem with the above.

Editor (Tier 3)

Will proofread, edit, tidy up formatting, create graphics for and publish news articles submitted by writers & guest writers.

Staff Writer (Tier 2)

Writes news articles for the FNS, and submits them for the editors to review and publish.

Correspondent (Tier 1)

Writes news articles for the FNS, and submits them for the editors to review and publish.

Roles Within Starfleet Academy (SFA)

Starfleet Academy Commanding Officer (Tier 5)

Manages Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy Executive Officer (Tier 4)

Assists the Commanding Officer with the Academy.

Recruitment Coordinator (Tier 3)

Coordinates the activity of the various recruitment posts for the UFP supported games.

Academy Recruit Support Officer (Tier 2)

Provides support and help for new recruits.

Starfleet Academy Professor (Tier 2)

Prepares and hosts events on behalf of the SFA department.

Roles within Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online Commanding Officer (Tier 5)

Manages the Star Trek Online division and it's overall direction within the UFP.

Star trek Online Executive Officer (Tier 4)

Supports the commanding officer in running Star Trek Online.

Quartermasters (Tier 3)

Manage the fleet bank and in game assets, as well as assisting with invites.

Special Ops Commander (Tier 2)

Host STO events on behalf of the division and assist with invites.

Personnel Officers (Tier 1)

Maintain holdings projects and assist with fleet invites.

Roles within Starfleet Holodeck (SFHOLO)

Starfleet Holodeck Commanding Officer (Tier 5)

Manages Starfleet Holodeck.

Starfleet Holodeck Executive Officer (Tier 4)

Supports the Commanding Officer in managing Starfleet Holodeck.

Gaming Supervisor (Tier 3)

Organize and monitor in-game bank assets, and host events.

Raid Leader (Tier 3)

Lead groups through endgame WoW content.

Gaming Specialist (Tier 2)

Host events and handle guild invites.

Mobile Officer (Tier 2)

Organise and maintain UFP interests on mobile games.

Roles Within Ares Roleplay Project (ARP)

Ares Roleplay Commanding Officer (Tier 5)

Overall manager of the Ares Roleplay and its sub-gaming groups, supervising the day to day management of the division.

Ares Roleplay Executive Officer (Tier 4)

Supports the Commanding Officer in managing Ares Roleplay Project.

Lead Ares Simulations Officer (Tier 3)

Tasked with managing overall Ares Roleplay Project stories and supervising Simulation Officers.

Ares Simulations Officer (Tier 2)

Tasked with managing individual SIM groups and/or universes within the Ares Roleplay Project.